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Multiply All cells by the same percentage

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  • Multiply All cells by the same percentage

    I would like to take a spreadsheet and to multiply the contents of every cell that has a numeric value (including totals) by 110%. Is there a simple way to do this?

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    You should be able to put 1.1 or 110% in a cell, COPY this cell, and then select the full range of cells you want to "inflate" and do a PASTE SPECIAL > check the MULTIPLY check box.
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      Try this:

      1. In any blank cell (assume A1), type 1.1 (110%).
      2. Right below (assume A2), type =$A$1 (make sure it is an absolute reference).
      3. Copy cell A2 (which contains formula = $A$1).
      4. Select Edit - Go To - Special.
      5. Select "Constants". This will highlight all the selections under "Formulas". Select just "Numbers". Press OK. All your numeric values should now be highlighted.
      6. Select PasteSpecial - Formulas - Multiply. Press OK.

      All numeric values should now be proceeded by "*$A$1". You may have a circular reference in cell A1, because you are multiplying 1.1*$A$1. Just erase the "*$A$1" to eliminate the circular reference. Be careful for any cells that have dates, because they are also considered numeric values.

      Note that by default your total values should have also increased by 10%.
      Hope this helps.