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Autofilter arrow wont go away...

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  • Autofilter arrow wont go away...

    Has anyone experienced this???

    I have a list of data about 1300 rows and 44 columns. I apply the autofilter to the first row (headers). - no problems. functions correctly.

    The problem is that when I REMOVE the autofilter both manually or programmatically, occassionally some of the cell arrows remain in the cells.

    This is a random occurance and the arrows never go away. I have tried 'clearall', reapplying the autofilter...the 'dead arrow' remains. the cell can be edited, in fact all properties of the cell are configurable but the arrow remains! ?

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    Did I stump everyone? 24hours and the only post with no response!


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      Well, what you describe isn't supposed to happen so that's probably why no one has responded with a fix. Does the problem persist after you closed excel and rebooted your computer? I've noticed many times that Excel (and/or Windows) gets confused and needs to have its memory cleansed before it works properly again.
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        Did I stump everyone? 24hours and the only post with no response!
        Pls see the following post and be also aware of that people answer questions here on a free basis:
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          Thanks for the tip XL-Dennis

          Incidentally, I am a member of several other forums where I am the one answering questions so I understand the 'free' thing and I certainly understand rule #5. I dont feel the post violated any forum rules, there is no harm in simply following up after 24hrs.