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  • Command Button Properties

    I am trying to change the "look" of a command button but for some reason when I right click it, the properties selection is not available. Any suggestions on what I may or may not be doing to cause this?

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    There are two types of command button as such on offer
    1 – Forms button
    2 – Toolbox Command Button

    Both do the same job that’s is execute code on command [click] just toolbox command buttons are a bit more powerful in what they have to offer

    Referring back to your question, you can use either button in excel, you will need to link the code of cause to that button, Toolbox command buttons default to ….._Click() this is as they are widely used in projects / user forms where that information is critical.

    You can not custom Forms Command Buttons they are as is, bar the text. Toolbox buttons can be custom this is in the VBE [Visual Basic Editor} press alt+F11 together to bring this application into session.

    Here you need to select the button and custom in VBE, colour and so on, lots of bits can e done, have a try.

    Also for easy try right click the bottom | Assign Macro | and select edit

    This is a alternative way to bring the VBE to that button and can custom in the VBE_Properties windows and so on.

    Hope that guides you a bit more, post back if you need more



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      THANK YOU!!! That absolutely answered my problem. I had a forms button instead of using a control command button. I changed over to the control command button and was able to "color" change it.

      Thanks again and greetings from Philadelphia, PA.


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        Greeting to buddy - have loads of fun .... thanks for letting me / us all know very kind