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  • Need Your Suggestions in Expense Register

    Hye OzGrid Cummunity,

    Hope you all doing well. I need your help in making my Expenditure Register. I have a master sheet where I do Data Entry i.e in Column B I am entering Description of Expenditure, in Column C I am entering Amount, In Column D I am entering Budget Head from which the Expenditure is Charged, In Column E I am Entering the 2nd Budget Head if the Expense is charged from the Different Budget Head and in Reporting Sheet I am generating a report. In Reporting sheet in Cell A2 I put Criteria (Main Budget Head) and it will fetch all the related records from the Master Sheet.

    We got an Annual Budget every year and divide it into 5 different Budget Heads and when we have a Nil Budget in one Budget Head, we can charge the Budget from other Budget Heads. For example, if Expenditure Cost of Purchasing a Laptop is Rupees One Hundred Thousand and We Have no Budget in Office Equipment Budget Head then we can obtain this expense from the Furniture Budget Head. In this case, the Reporting Sheet will look like this:

    Column A displaying Expense Description, Column B displaying Expense Amount, Column C displaying 2nd Budget Head if the expense is charged from different Budget Head (Otherwise Blank).

    Now I am explaining my problem in Which I need your suggestions. For Example Purchasing of Laptop Costed Rs. One Hundred Thousand and we have budget in only 3 Budget Heads (i.e) Rs. 40,000 in Furniture, 40,000 in Maintenance and 20,000 in Stationary and Equipments, so how should I generate the Report?

    Column A will display Expense Description, Column B will display Expense Amount and what about Different Budget Head Column because we charged it from 3 different Budget Heads.

    Please suggest me how should I prepare the Master Sheet and Reporting Sheet as well.

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      I apologize for any inconvenience. I just want my problem to be solved on time. I have posted here and excelguru(ca) just about two hours after this post

      and here:

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