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Excel file is damaged

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  • Excel file is damaged

    Dear experts, all my excel files have been corrupted and I am not able to open any of them. I tried a couple of free downloads to recover Excel files to Google, but none of them helped me. Your file is severely damaged unable to repair, this is the message I get.
    Please help me as some files are important.

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    You don't have back-ups?

    You could try restoring Windows to a date prior to the date when your issue first occurred.

    If that does not help then you may have to accept your loss and start again from square 1.
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      You can try this word and excel document recovery Disk Drill app I personally used it many times and can now recommend it to others. It helped me out when I accidentally permanently deleted excel files that I worked a few days on


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        Sorry to hear that. If your excel files are corrupted or heavily damaged, then any data recovery software including the above recommended excel file recovery software couldn't help you recover excel files on Mac.