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Increment invoice number when opening template and save as new file name

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  • Increment invoice number when opening template and save as new file name

    I want to make an invoice template and have others pull up the template and each time they do have it add one to the invoice number. Then I want them to populate the invoice and save it under a different name. My problem is when they open the file under the different name it adds one to the invoice as well. How can I make it so the saved copy invoice number is locked? Also if I wanted to start at a number say 4000 how would I accomplish this. The code in my work book is as follows: I am a novice at VBA and macros.
    Public Function NextSeqNumber(Optional sFileName As String, Optional nSeqNumber As Long = -1) As Long
            Const sDEFAULT_PATH As String = "C:\Documents and Settings\....."
            Const sDEFAULT_FNAME As String = "C:\Documents and Settings\.....txt"
            Dim nFileNumber As Long
            nFileNumber = FreeFile
            If sFileName = "" Then sFileName = sDEFAULT_FNAME
            If InStr(sFileName, Application.PathSeparator) = 0 Then _
                sFileName = sDEFAULT_PATH & Application.PathSeparator & sFileName
            If nSeqNumber = -1& Then
                If Dir(sFileName) <> "" Then
                    Open sFileName For Input As nFileNumber
                    Input #nFileNumber, nSeqNumber
                    nSeqNumber = nSeqNumber + 1&
                    Close nFileNumber
                    nSeqNumber = 1&
                End If
            End If
            On Error GoTo PathError
            Open sFileName For Output As nFileNumber
            On Error GoTo 0
            Print #nFileNumber, nSeqNumber
            Close nFileNumber
            NextSeqNumber = nSeqNumber
            Exit Function
            NextSeqNumber = -1&
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    Re: Increment invoice number when opening template and save as new file name

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