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  • Added some formulas in sheet

    I applied some formulas in one of the sheets of my working excel file, MS Excel 2007 bugged and was closed by itself. When I opened my document again all my information that I added for a day disappeared. Now I'm searching for a ways to repair excel by article, guide, trick of anyhow. This document is very important, I have been working with it for two weeks. It's my report on job.

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    1st recommendation: do a redundant backup now, i.e., 2 copies in removable media
    2nd one: copy a few files and test them in other computers and/or upload them here
    3rd one: uninstall and reinstall Excel
    4th: ran an online antivirus, then update your AV definitions
    5th: same for malware detectors (i.e., Spy Bot Search & Destroy)
    6th: general backup
    7th: format disks and reinstall Windows and software

    As additional helpful resources might be following...

    If in any step you find a solution then you're safe, with less or more work but safe. If still in the same conditions, well, I started saying it was very improbable, but not impossible.