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Value of year changes to the current year when opening a csv file created in Excel

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  • Value of year changes to the current year when opening a csv file created in Excel

    Like Christmas, this problem only comes by once a year.

    We have an Excel file that creates a journal entry in a csv file format that then gets imported into our accounting software. When creating journal entries for months in prior years, when we create the csv file and then import it into the accounting software, the value of the current year has replaced the value of the prior year. When we go into the actual csv file and manually correct the value of the year, save and close the file and then reopen it, the value of the year has again reverted to the value of the current year

    I have played with Excel's autocorrect settings (as I have found on various websites) with no success.

    Has anyone come across this problem and, more importantly, found an affective solution?

    Thx - Ray

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    Re: Value of year changes to the current year when opening a csv file created in Exce

    Hi Ray,

    Can you show us the format of the date and an example? Or even better upload a sample for us to look at?

    How to Attach a Sample Workbook

    To attach a workbook:

    1. Click 'Go Advanced' at the bottom right of the Reply Box.
    2. In the new window click the Paper Clip Icon.
    3. In the new window that pops up click 'Add Files'.
    4. Click 'Select File' and browse to the required file.
    5. Click 'Upload File'.
    6. Click 'Done' when the selected file appears in the box at the bottom of the window.

    The maximum file size allowed is 3MB, if your file is larger than this you can try zipping it to reduce the size. If still too large, or if your actual file contains sensitive data, then create a sample workbook with reduced amount of data or with sanitised data.

    When creating a sample workbook it is essential that the structure of the actual workbook is retained.
    • If data has been sanitised, then the sanitised data must be of the same type as the original (text still text, numbers still numbers, dates still dates etc.).
    • The Layout of data on each sheet remains the same.
    • If actual data contains blank rows, columns or cells then include the same in the sample data.
    • If a cell contains a formula keep the formula in the sample, in other words do not create the sample file by pasting just values from the actual file.

    An accurate sample workbook will help us to help you.