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  • Hi there,

    About the Op here COPY AND PASTE

    ( The original macro comes from the first link below )

    This OP is a very , very unique case. I never met anyone like him, and I have a reputation of getting through to the poor communicators better than most.

    He had an original solution, which worked. He missed that, and went on to go around in circles for a few weeks at various duplicated cross posts.

    This is a typical example of how things often go with this OP…..

    He appears to understand or read almost nothing of what is ever posted for him..

    He looks in a reply for a macro. Sometimes he runs it, sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes he copies it wrong.

    If he does not get exactly what he wants, ( what he wants is something which no one can ever know ), he posts some gibberish. Then,

    He looks in a reply for a macro. Sometimes he runs it, sometimes doesn’t, sometimes he copies it wrong.

    If he does not get exactly what he wants, ( which is what no one can ever know ), he posts some gibberish. Then,

    He looks in a reply for a macro. Sometimes he runs it, sometimes doesn’t, sometimes he copies it wrong.

    If he does not get exactly what he wants, ( which is what noone can ever know ), he posts some gibberish. Then,


    Eventually, whether he gets what he wants or not, there comes a canned reply, which may or may not be the last post, of the form ..“Thx for great help. Problem Solved Sir, Have a great day“…

    ( Currently, his main issue is that he cannot understand anything at all about the difference between an Excel File and an Text File and that is causing havoc with multiple cross duplicated posts everywhere. )

    A very unique case. I sometimes wonder if he is real , or if he is some higher being, having been sent to „test“ us…


    These are the cross post I have seen so far. There are probably a few more.…3439&viewfull=1#post13439



    • Thanks for letting me know. I have issued a final warning and will ban the OP if necessary. Usually, regular helpers will soon learn to ignore someone like this.

    • In this case, the biggest problem is the communication and the lack of him making any attempt to read and/ or understand what we write. I would favour a temporarily ban in this case, just my opinion. I temporarily banned him a few times. That helped get the message across. When he came back there was an improvement, all be it very small. Then he regressed. So I just banned him again, temporarily.

      I think it is almost always better the devil you know. Just my opinion. If you ban permanently he will just come back in other names here and elsewhere to plague us all.

      I know of over a dozen of his many forum names, mostly used where I am not, like here.

      ( I know also all his real identity and personal details in the meantime…. )


    • I recall we had one like this in the early days of Ozgrid. We actually didn't ban him but made his posts invisible, I don't know whether this is still doable.

    • I am not familiar with your current forum software. I have no idea. The previous vBulletin has a few easy options to handle these things, banning different periods, soft deleting – which I guess is the “Invisible” type option, to temporarily block the view of a post.

    • We no longer use vBulletin but I don't get involved with the Forum Software here

  • Hi Roy,

    I was not aware of forum rules in the beginning and was little inconsiderate on those. I am totally new to this website and only yesterday accidentally visited the site via google search link. Really sorry for the inconvenience caused due to that. Going forward will follow the rules accurately.

    I had attached a wrong file in "Hyperlink to deduct specific cell value in excel vba" before and now I have attached the correct file with Tables. Highly appreciate your assistance to sort my issue there.

    This website is really helpful and user friendly! I was able to move forward with the toughest part of my project due to this site. :)

    Much Thanks!

  • please accept my apologies Roy, I did read the forum rules when i joined. I shall observe them in future.

    Not done intentionally.

    kind regards


  • Hi Roy. I figured that I had probably started my thread in the wrong area (VBA) , beings that my issue likely dealt with Excel settings. Actually my first statement noted this. Sorry for the injustice..I meant well.


    • In which case you should have asked a moderator to move it for you

    • Ok thanks Roy. I've never done that before as all of my previous questions have been regarding VBA. Would you mind doing that for me. I appreciate all of the help that you and your fellow moderators have given me

      Thanks so much


    • And of course I appreciate all of the help my fellow programmers have provided

    • I've deleted the one with no replies. Rory is helping you with the other one.

    • Thanks

  • Hello, thank you for your help. I replying to your question about why I reported on your wall. I was not looking for quicker help. I need it taken down. It breaks 0.00 % of my employers rules but my boss is pulling straws, and in going out of his way to find evidence I have done something wrong. As harmless as the thread is, I do not need anything that could possibly be used against me. And I would appreciate it if you removed this thread as well. Thank you

    • Did you explain this in your report. A message would have been more appropriate here.

  • Roy the post you closed of mine is a different code to the one posted on mr excll, plus i have removed myself from there as aliw keeps harrasing me, seems like she does it here as well. but this is a totally different question although it sounds the same.

    The first one was hiding a column, this one is hiding when error happens, 2 different questions no?

    so please unclose and ask aliw to stop harrasing me.

    • Sorry, but nobody is harassing you. If you join forums, then you agree to their rules. If you then choose to ignore those rules, the unfortunately you will be pulled up on it.

      The answer is very simple: read and then abide by the rules. They are very similar from forum to forum, so it's not hard to do. Thanks.

    • I still want to know if you have read the Forum Rules and have any problems understanding them

    • Yes I have and I do understand them.

      This is not a cross platform query - I will say it 100 times as code is different.

    • Aliw - did youe read through the code and see the differences? if you did before flanking this you would have seen the code it totally different as it come from a totally new excel spreadsheet i am busy with.

    • I can't compare the code because there is no link to the post provided

  • Hi Roy, can you remove the attachments I uploaded on this thread?

    AutoFilter Multiple Sheets, Copy, New Book, Paste to Multiple Sheets

  • Hi,

    I forget to add the cross post link can you please .....…cel-sheet-by-vba.1129661/

    • Today's post is a duplicate of yesterday's post which I locked. Have you read the rules yet and do you understand them?

  • The website is mine, Ozgrid is run by a team of volunteers.

  • I just want to say thank you for your website I downloaded the database zip file and will check it out when I have time too this week. :) you and your team are awesome.

  • Hi Roy, i added a test file. Can you assist with my query?

  • I have posted a thread regarding splitting files into multiple workbooks. can you please help me to find the code.

  • I recently posted an online thread asking to get me through a problem, can you take a look at it

  • Hi there,

    I would like to ask for a code for my problem which is i have 3 sheets, let say A,B and C. Sheet B is taking its values from sheet A, i would like a code that when i run it, to deactivate sheet A and activate Sheet C in such Sheet B will take its value from Sheet C not B.

    Please advice and thanks in advance

  • Just wrote a short Excel file including a textbox. After scrolling down, then up again, this program appears to work. Must be something else in my original spreadsheet giving me the problem.

    Thanks for response.

    Harvey Hecker

  • Roy,

    Is there an email address that I can reach you at? I tried going to your website and request a quote but was having trouble submitting my request.

    Thank you,


  • Hi

    I tried to write a request for a quote on your website but the captcha did not allow me to progress any further



  • hi..

    i hope you will ...take a look on attached code file in forum.and provide solution code..

    copy pictures from userform and paste in excel cell, after click on save button

    thank you .

  • Hi Sir

    May you take a look at my macro that I requested for help with on the forum

    or can it be simplified in anyway that will make it easier

    This is a hobby of mine and am learning and when I get stuck request help

  • Thank Yoy

  • Hi Roy,

    Can you help me with time out code. I saw you help a member forum while back.

    I'm trying to have Employee enter their ID and Job number before starting the job(Time in), after the job finished they enter their employee ID and Job number for(Time out). *I don't know to match two value Empid and txtEmp for the time out portion.

    I need to have reset mechanism, so i can have multiple log in and out for same day and others day.

    Please help me

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Roy,

    Sorry - slight error in my previous request on the display.

    User Names are listed in Cells A2, A3, A4 etc down to A26

    Passwords are listed in Cells B2 - B26

    and the bit I stated incorrectly were the sheet names, they are listed in cells C2 to IW2 for the Administrator, then C3 to CX3 for Dave (i.e. the sheets are listed horizontally)

    Apologies for making that more confusing

  • Hi Roy,

    I was looking at your Password Form 7 which when I use your sample works perfectly, but I am struggling to apply it to my own existing Excel workbook and I was wondering if you would be willing to help me.

    I have an enormous workbook that has 257 sheets. I have created a User Form (UserForm1) which I want to pop up on a blank sheet called "START_SHEET" - The user will then type in their user name and password and assuming these are correct they will be granted access to a specific number of sheets based on their rights.

    So I have created a sheet called "Administrator". I want this sheet to be hidden always from everyone other than the Admin (i.e. me).

    On that sheet I want to create a table which lists all of the registered users in Column A (So Cell A2 would be "Admin" then cell A3 would be "Dave" for example) but I would ideally like to set this a lookup so that I can add names if I need to without having to change all of the code later.

    Then Column B would be their password which only I can see as admin obviously. So cell B2 would be 1234 (i.e. the admin password) and then Cell B3 would be 4567 (Dave's unique password) and again, I'd ideally like the VBA code to read from a range rather than me have to go and enter each password individually into the code.

    I would like to repeat this for 25 users, so the range I am referring to would be A2 - A26 for the names and B2 to B26 for the corresponding passwords.

    Then the really difficult bit, "Admin" obviously needs to be able to access all 257 sheets so I then planned to list in cells C2 to C260 each of the sheet names to match my workbook.

    "Dave" however is only allowed to access say 100 of them and then user 3 might be allowed 110 etc so again in my mind the easiest thing to do was to list all of the sheets Dave can access in cells C3 to C103 and so on so that the VBA code read from the range per person rather than listing every sheet.

    All of the examples I have seen (which I have still struggled to implement to be honest) seem to name each sheet and each person and each password which is just not practical for me given the size of the workbook.

    I would like to also have the X button disabled and warning message and the incorrect password message if someone enters an unrecognised user name and/or incorrect password. If someone fails 3 times then I would like it just to put up an error box advising it will now close and once they click Ok it closes.

    I have seen numerous tutorials for the basics of this but I just can't get one that can do everything I need.

    Finally, irrespective of who it is that logs on, I want every person who logs on successfully to be transported to a sheet called "Welcome_Sheet"

    Ideally I would then like a piece of code that would know based on the user who logged in and would insert their name in cell A1 so I can copy from that and insert it into a welcome message tailored to the person in question. (So if "Dave" logged in, Cell A1 of the worksheet "Welcome_Sheet" would say "Dave")

    I appreciate this is long winded but I would be incredibly grateful if you are able to help me with a more tailored answer than a link to a tutorial because I am not an expert in VBA, hence the struggle to apply the tutorials to this workbook.

    Kind Regards

  • Hey brother happy Christmas