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  • Hi KJBox, hope you had a good new year.

    You provided me with the below codes that worked great...but since we changed to 2020 I get nothing counted at all. is there a problem with the date in the code?

    • Hi KjBox just reminding you the code you gave me has Option Base 1 in it and now the data has some 2020 dates in it they appear after I run the macro but none of the 2019 dates

  • KjBox if you kind enough to donate some time to me to solve the query which i have posted since no one is replying on that ..thanks u had helped me many times.

  • I opened a conversation with you about a VBA problem I'm having - mind taking a look?

    Thank you!!!

  • Good morning and how are we this morning. ????

  • KjBox is excellent......has helped me so much with VBA codes. A real expert. Thanks for everything.