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  • Hi Charles I hope you are keeping well, and safe from covid-19. !!!

    Next Tuesday I am getting surgery on both of my eyes to correct some vision problems, Soooooo I am staying home from any of the possible germ bags (Carriers) out there.

    Funny how the Mayan calendar predicted a pandemic in 2020.

    Keep well everybody

    Peter ( Potholes)

  • Hi there,

    I would like to ask for a code for my problem which is i have 3 sheets, let say A,B and C. Sheet B is taking its values from sheet A, i would like a code that when i run it, to deactivate sheet A and activate Sheet C in such Sheet B will take its value from Sheet C not B.

    Please advice and thanks in advance

  • Hi There,

    Anyone can please help me on selecting the Titus Classification(Comm Addin) using a VBA, and when i tried using the sendkeys it didnt work.

    when the macro is running to select any option in the classification using send keys, the options are acyually invisible in the Command bar.

    Am struggling from 1 week just scratching my head to find a resolution for this one.:(:(

    Please help me out, Thanks in Advance...!!!:):)

  • hello Charles, hope you are well.

  • Hi KJBox, hope you had a good new year.

    You provided me with the below codes that worked great...but since we changed to 2020 I get nothing counted at all. is there a problem with the date in the code?

    • Hi KjBox just reminding you the code you gave me has Option Base 1 in it and now the data has some 2020 dates in it they appear after I run the macro but none of the 2019 dates

  • KjBox if you kind enough to donate some time to me to solve the query which i have posted since no one is replying on that ..thanks u had helped me many times.

  • I opened a conversation with you about a VBA problem I'm having - mind taking a look?

    Thank you!!!

  • Good morning and how are we this morning. ????

  • KjBox is excellent......has helped me so much with VBA codes. A real expert. Thanks for everything.