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  • [13:37:48] <Gerold> i have a small issue concerning how to write the code in excel VBA userform to exclude saterday, sunday and sometimes holidays when i want the difference from start_date and end_date

    [13:38:13] <Gerold> I hope that someone can help me

    [13:38:21] <Gerold> thanks in advance

  • How do i delete my account?

  • Hi, Ali,

    Can you please sort out my problem,

    i have posted here.

    Modification in Macro- insert images from local drive to Excel

    • No, sorry - I don't do macros.

      You should not pester members privately to answer your questions: help here is offered on a discretionary basis and for free. Don't harass people, please - just be patient. Thanks.

  • Hello, I replying to your question about why I reported on your wall. I was not looking for quicker help. I need it taken down. It breaks 0 % of my employers rules but my boss is pulling straws, as in going out of his way to find evidence I have done something wrong. As harmless as the thread is, I do not need anything that could possibly be used against me. And I would appreciate it if you removed this thread as well. Thank you.

    • You will need to contact an administrator to ask for threads to be removed.

  • Hello,

    Maybe would be possible for you to delete my thread?

    VBA code to create a new table with unique names separating it by months.

    I would like to post in another Forum to see if I can get some help (I am totaly clueless in how to solve this "problem"). However, I dont wish to go against the rules here.

    Thank you

    • There is no need for your thread to be deleted here - nowhere in our rules does it say that. All you need to do, both here and on any other forum where you post the same query, is provide a link to it. So provide a link to your thread here on the other forum, and here, provide a link to your thread on the other forum.

    • Thank you :)