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  • Hi there

    My threads are not opening and nobody can view it can you help me with this?

  • Hi There,

    Anyone can please help me on selecting the Titus Classification(Comm Addin) using a VBA, and when i tried using the sendkeys it didnt work.

    when the macro is running to select any option in the classification using send keys, the options are acyually invisible in the Command bar.

    Am struggling from 1 week just scratching my head to find a resolution for this one.:(:(

    Please help me out, Thanks in Advance...!!!:):)

    • Why are you posting this on my wall? You need to open a thread on the forum.

    • Great, Thanks !!

      I've already posted a Thread and seems like no response, could you please help me out.!

    • You should not contact individuals asking for help - it is considered as harassment. Please don't do this again. If 24 hours have passed since you posted, simply bump your thread. If I could help, I would have responded to your thread.

  • Hi AliGW,

    Can you help me with my code. I"m having trouble writing the time out portion.

    I have a time in and time out.

    The time out portion: I want to be able to have multiple session of time in and out for same employee and Job specific. I can only do for single time out for same day. i don't know how to code it so it can accept new time out to another cell without overwrite previous session. I have the sample file in the Excel vba request for help. Please help me. Kind regards.

    • You should not be writing on members' walls asking for help - post your query in the forum where everyone can see it. In any case, I don't do code.

  • How do I mark my issue resolved?

    • I don't believe there is an option to do that - sorry. The software is new and we are all finding our way with it.

  • Hi Moderator ,, should i stop asking my queries here as since last couple of months no on replying on my queries ... i didnt get any reply ....i dont know why

    • No, but you should assume that your queries are not clear if you are getting no response. Maybe try adding extra detail and a sample workbook.

  • I can't get it to work

    I believe he wants the code to email him

  • Hi Ali,

    Do you happen to know what's going on over at EF, indeed are you encountering any difficulty getting the site up?

    I've not been able to get the site to load for two days, frustrated by a 403 Forbidden Error message.

    Assuming you can get in would you try to flag it up with the Tech Team to establish why some of us (I'm presuming there may be others) can't get in.



    • Hi, Richard!

      I am able to get in from home, but was frustrated myself by the 03 forbidden message at work t=yesterday. Kevin also reported that he was having problems from work via PM. I will raise it as an issue, but suspect changes in security settings in Microsoft for businesses.

      I'll raise the issue over at EF now.