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  • How do we PM on this site now please

    • Go to “Conversations” from your user menu (click on your picture, top right) :)

  • Hello Sam,

    In addition to the Edit button ... the Reply Submit button is stuck ... ;(

    • Hi Carim - what do you mean by "stuck"? Can you send me a PM with a screenshot or something?

    • Well ... each time I click on the Edit Post button ... it does send me to the top of page ... without allowing me to Edit my post ...

    • Yeah I just experienced a similar thing... looks like a javascript file isn't loading properly - I'm looking into it

    • Great ...!!!

      Glad you could spot this problem ...

      By the way, there is the exact same behavior for the Reply button in any thread ... just stuck ...

    • Should be fixed now hopefully 🤞🏼

  • Hello Sam,

    Looks like the Edit button ... has decided to go on strike ... ;(