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  • ChanJane
    Who will be operating Stainless Steel Casting Parts
    Activity of the apparatus It is absolute important to attending at all the locations of Stainless Steel Casting Parts . This is important to apperceive the activity of the apparatus and the continuance of time for which it has been used.

    There is no set architecture that the training accept to crop and there is no license, but the employer accept to certificate that the training is completed afore the abettor is acclimatized to work. The forklift training does not accept to be accomplished by a able trainer, anyone who has already completed the training and is accomplished and abreast abundant to advise the training can do so.

    Other options There are assertive aspects that accept to be kept in apperception while analytic for a forklift like the assurance options,...
    2 minutes ago
  • wannakatana
    Weird VBA IDE issue
    I've seen this once before. Not sure the cause. I'm typing in the code window and say I type a period to get a dropdown of autocomplete choices, all of a sudden the list disappears like someone pressed ESC or something. As I'm typing code, it will change things automatically. It's so hard to explain in words, you have to see it.

    Like I was typing just for testing, "i am testing" but then it deletes the space and I get "i amtesting". The space disappears right after I type "i am " (note the space at the end) but before I can start typing "testing". It's driving me crazy as I can't type code without having to keep changing things that get messed up.

    I'm wondering if my work installed some type of software that is causing this,

    5 hours ago
  • timzy
    i want to count date occurence

    Please i want this table to fill as shown below:

    whereby after entering the range from: 10/11/2017 to: 19/11/2017
    the table counts by same bus with same dates as 1

    HUMMER BUS (53) 2
    HUMMER BUS (54) 4
    HUMMER BUS (370) 3
    HUMMER BUS (387)
    HUMMER BUS (726) 4
    6 hours ago

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  • B.W.B.
    Extract numbers from text?

    I have a range, let's say, A1:D9, in which are values like: "", sometext1234, 1234text, -1234, 1234, tetxt1234tetxt...
    I have this code which is working perfectly but, problem is in that MINUS1234. I just want to Sum these numbers. Code is working only if num is positive

    Function Add_Numeric(iRng As Range) As Long
    For Each cell In iRng
        l = Len(cell)
        If l = 0 Then GoTo nextcell
        numstr = ""
        For i = 1 To l
            If IsNumeric(Mid(cell, i, 1)) Then numstr = numstr & Mid(cell, i, 1)
        Next i
        Add_Numeric = Add_Numeric + numstr * 1
    Next cell
    End Function
    August 23rd, 2017, 00:45
  • wilneeth
    Insert photos into a cell and lock to cell
    I'm happy to pay for a good solution. I use Excel 365 (continuously updated).
    The attached spreadsheet is the form I want to use to inspect a facility and record issues.
    I want to use a tablet with a camera, walk around, go to the Photo cell for Item 1, take a Pic by going Insert>Picture>Camera.
    I also need the photo number / filename to automatically go into the Photo No field. This will enable me to find the photo separately if, e.g. I need an enlargement of something.
    Then I can populate the other fields from dropdown lists or manually, as I'm looking at Item 1 in the field. That completes Item 1, and I move on to Item 2.
    My need is to have the photo locked to the selected cell as I take the pic, the pic saved in the same folder as the spreadsheet,...
    2 weeks ago
  • JohnGreen2
    Match function to look up match from Combobox on a datepicker with a combobox $20
    I have a commandbutton I would like to do a match function x2 first to find the column for the selected date and then to see if the combobox value is in that column.Combobox 2 is date field....if I select a date it will select a valueCombobox3.That value I want a match function on the datepicker on that day underneaths data to say match found or match not found in the listbox...In my dummy sheet I have put data on the 15 October 2017 to test....
    1 week ago
  • chirayuw
    Word Play
    Aim of game is very simple

    Say the first word that comes into your mind after seeing the last word posted in the thread

    To start - Eye
    January 27th, 2014, 19:24
  • edac
    Add 'static' value into For Loop
    I'm in need of some help! My goal is to create a price list, I have set values in columns A to E, my problem is that I have an extra cost to add should certain cells by added together. I cannot get this adder to be included, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Below is the code (with reductions) and attached is the table I'm using, I'm hoping it's self explanatory.

    Dim a As Long
    Dim b As Long
    Dim c As Long
    Dim d As Long
    Dim e As Long
    Dim i1 As Long
    Dim i2 As Long
    Dim i3 As Long
    Dim i4 As Long
    Dim i5 As Long
    Dim counter As Long

    counter = 1

    a = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row
    b = Range("B1").End(xlDown).Row
    c = Range("C1").End(xlDown).Row
    1 week ago