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Latest Topics


  • Kauemacedo
    VBA code to search all Word documents in a folder and retrieve some information
    Hello guys!

    I am trying to find a solution for days and couldn't figure it out.

    What I want to do: I want a table in a excel that gets data from all Word documents inside a folder. I will keep adding documents to this folder, so I am trying to come up with a button to make it automatic.

    I put a screenshot as an example of what I want.

    The part of looking for the files in a folder and get the name of them is alright, as you can see in my code. But I can't figure it out (I think I am not skilled enough in VBA) how to get specific text parts from inside the document.


    Private Sub SearchDocs()

    Dim oWRD As Object '** Word.Application
    Dim oDOC As Object '** Word.Document
    Excel example
    4 hours ago
  • VanChester
    Copy Pasting Cells Inside a Table Under Certain Conditions
    Hello everyone,

    the goal of my code is to:

    Find "[term] - Competency" inside the sheet called "Data", and then:

    1) Highlights the cell "[term] - Competency" in yellow
    2) it looks for "[term] - [level of effort]" that has something written on the cell on the right from it.
    3) Highlights the cell "[term] - [level of effort]" in purple
    4) Copy the two cells on the right from it and pastes it next to "[term] - Competency"

    This is the issue I am having:

    Once the code has finished step 1, it is supposed to look for the cells below it and continue on step 2,3,4 But in the instances that it did not work, It identified the cell above it instead, which...
    7 hours ago
  • Foncesa
    Move Duplicates

    Column B contains alpha-numeric values I need a formula or macro which will move the duplicates, search and move complete row once duplicate value is found in column B.


    13 hours ago

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  • B.W.B.
    Extract numbers from text?

    I have a range, let's say, A1:D9, in which are values like: "", sometext1234, 1234text, -1234, 1234, tetxt1234tetxt...
    I have this code which is working perfectly but, problem is in that MINUS1234. I just want to Sum these numbers. Code is working only if num is positive

    Function Add_Numeric(iRng As Range) As Long
    For Each cell In iRng
        l = Len(cell)
        If l = 0 Then GoTo nextcell
        numstr = ""
        For i = 1 To l
            If IsNumeric(Mid(cell, i, 1)) Then numstr = numstr & Mid(cell, i, 1)
        Next i
        Add_Numeric = Add_Numeric + numstr * 1
    Next cell
    End Function
    August 23rd, 2017, 00:45
  • wilneeth
    Insert photos into a cell and lock to cell
    I'm happy to pay for a good solution. I use Excel 365 (continuously updated).
    The attached spreadsheet is the form I want to use to inspect a facility and record issues.
    I want to use a tablet with a camera, walk around, go to the Photo cell for Item 1, take a Pic by going Insert>Picture>Camera.
    I also need the photo number / filename to automatically go into the Photo No field. This will enable me to find the photo separately if, e.g. I need an enlargement of something.
    Then I can populate the other fields from dropdown lists or manually, as I'm looking at Item 1 in the field. That completes Item 1, and I move on to Item 2.
    My need is to have the photo locked to the selected cell as I take the pic, the pic saved in the same folder as the spreadsheet,...
    2 weeks ago
  • JohnGreen2
    Match function to look up match from Combobox on a datepicker with a combobox $20
    I have a commandbutton I would like to do a match function x2 first to find the column for the selected date and then to see if the combobox value is in that column.Combobox 2 is date field....if I select a date it will select a valueCombobox3.That value I want a match function on the datepicker on that day underneaths data to say match found or match not found in the listbox...In my dummy sheet I have put data on the 15 October 2017 to test....
    1 week ago
  • JimmyV2
    Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument; can't resolve
    I am trying to get a set of Excel files that are unique by campaign type with pivot tables for geographic regions in separate worksheets to instead be pasted values for each campaign type in separate worksheets in unique geographic region Excel files. I first change the .xlsx files to instead be .xls files (not sure why I had to but my code wouldn't progress otherwise). This works ok, but when proceeding through the list of geographic regions (range in Zones files), if a non-match is found for one of the campaign types (i.e., campaign not run in that geography), then the code errors out on the fn = Dir line. To mitigate this error, I tried changing the method to instead create a filename to store each geography (as in, but I ran into another...
    4 days ago
  • KKress
    VBA toTransfer Data from one workbook to another workbook.
    To all,

    I am lookin for a macro to transfer data that we have on one workbook to another workbook. The purpose is to take our quotes that we generate to the customer and transfer this to a master price file that the customer then uses to upload into their purchasing system. The file we will be transferring from will be variable but the file we are transferring to will be static.

    I'd like the macro to do the following things if possible:

    1) Find and insert the total from WB1 into WB2 using the KC #### in cell A2 and the Color starting from Cell E6
    2) Open the workbook we will be transferring to (Workbook2) prior to transferring the data. The file is always in the same folder and the name never changes. (Optional...
    2 days ago