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Latest Topics


  • Lotga
    Calculate overtime on Timesheet after 10 hours per day AND/OR 44 hours per week
    by Lotga

    I am having issues with the formula on my "timesheet" in the overtime column on the example attached.

    I need the sheet to add up all the hours in the day based on the times the employee inputs onto their timesheet. It then also needs to give the weekly total at the bottom. However after 10 hours in any one single day (shift) it needs to move any additional hours into the overtime column to count towards the weekly overtime. Also after 44 hours in the week it needs to move any hours over the 44 weekly total into overtime.

    As you can see from the example attached I am running into issues with negatives showing up and causing incorrect hour totals. I am also having issues getting the overtime column to include all time punches each day....
    8 minutes ago
  • NikyShah
    Calculating Buy down Rate in
    by NikyShah
    Hi there,

    I want have one excel file for calculating buy down amount but other part of that excel file i need to calculate buy-down rate. Will you please help me to find out buy-down rate please.Thank you. ...
    6 hours ago
  • Shezmo1
    VBA to extract events from the last 28 days and copy to new sheet
    by Shezmo1
    Hello. i have some VBA that basically works through a series of worksheets looking for 'events' that happened in the last 28 days from the current data, once found it copies them to a new sheet called 'Monthly'. The names of the sheets to work through is taken from a 'Overview' Sheet that has a list of names in Column C. the code used to work however now it goes through the motions and opens the monthly sheet but no data is copied there despite there being no errors or option to debug, below is the code i have would anyone be able to tell me why this no longer works, apologies if i am missing something really obvious.

    Sub Monthly_Review()

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False

    On Error Resume Next

    Dim BlankRow As Long
    Dim StartDate As
    9 hours ago

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  • Desauv
    SUMPRODUCT Partial Match - #N/A
    by Desauv
    Hi All

    I have below formulas, and both return #N/A



    Example of Data
    B417 = A68247

    e.g $B$2:$B$4000 = 68247-01

    e.g skema!$T2:$T4000 = $500,21

    Hope someone can help

    2 weeks ago
  • eureka18
    Downloading file using vba
    by eureka18
    Hi all,

    I'm creating some vba to automatically download files from a password protected webserver. The issue is that it's not working for some reason. The script does not error out and it also creates files. but if i open the file it downloaded it says:

    I'm sure that the credentials I put in are correct but for some reason it does not connect properly to the website. (if you try to access the website using a browser you get a popup to fill in login + pass). What am I misunderstanding on how to login on websites?[/QUOTE]

    Dim FileNum As Long
    Dim FileData() As Byte
    Dim WHTTP As Object
    Dim lastrow As Long
    Dim files(8, 1) As String
    Dim filedate As String
    Dim filepath As String
    4 days ago
  • timrfitz
    Determine if shared workbook is opened on my machine
    by timrfitz
    I receive an error when I use Workbooks.Open on a shared workbook that is already open on my machine. I've tried examples of code posted on this forum to determine if the file is already opened, including:

     Function IsWorkbookOpen(stName As String) As Boolean       'Boolean Function assumed To be False unless Set To True            On Error Resume Next ' In Case it isn't Open     IsWorkbookOpen = Not (Workbooks(stName) Is Nothing)     On Error Goto 0 End Function 
    but it always returns False. I think it isn't working because the file is a shared workbook. I tried the Microsoft supplied macro:
     Function IsFileOpen(ByVal filename As String) As Boolean      Dim filenum As Integer, errnum As Integer      On Error Resume Next     filenum = FreeFile()     Open filename For
    3 days ago
  • dilettante
    Changing function and argument descriptions
    by dilettante
    Ive written a macro that presents a Userform with three blank textboxes where the user is invited to enter:
    1) the name of a currently existing UDF function,
    2) a desired function description, and
    3) up to 20 desired argument descriptions.
    The macro then uses the MacroOptions method to assign the function description and the argument descriptions to the UDF whose name was entered in the first textbox.

    The macro works okay, but instead of just presenting empty textboxes for the function description and argument descriptions, Id like to present to the user the function description and argument descriptions that are currently assigned to the function. This would ease the process of refining and improving the function and argument descriptions....
    1 week ago
  • Billyrj
    Advance Filter with multiple criteria
    by Billyrj
    I learned a lot working with royUK on advance filter. The question i have is Advance FIlter can only have 2 criteria. In a project I'm working I really need many more or can i use a "Wildcard" for example in my code written I have 1820 and if i can change to 18** I can filter more groups instead of individual. Learning and love the speed of ADV FIlter

    .AutoFilter Field:=1, _
                            Criteria1:="1820", _
                            Operator:=xlOr, _
    4 days ago