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Why QuikCalc Plus?

QuikCalc Mortgage/Loan Software Start

QuikCalc Plus! Edition is a powerful, user friendly tool that allows you to create flexible amortization schedules that go far beyond the static tables available from most other programs plus it includes access to the Professional Edition's Loan Manager, allowing you to track up to five loans to the penny!

Need non-standard schedules? The Amortization Schedules Plus! feature allows you to add any number of extra payments to a schedule, skip payments plus add weekly, monthly or yearly lump sums Starting in any year. No longer are you restricted to static tables that generate a schedule that offers no flexibility.

Want to save money? With QuikCalc Plus! you can see immediately the impact that extra payments or an increased regular payment can have to the bottom line including infrequent or regularly scheduled lump sums.

Like to play "what if" with your mortgage or loan? Amortization Schedules Plus! is the ultimate tool for this. You can change any parameter affecting your loan including payment amounts and frequencies, interest rates and compounding methods as well as payment types including interest only loans.

Need to generate schedules for interest only or graduated loans? No problem, QuikCalc has eight different payment types including normal, interest only (static and adjusting), increasing (by fixed amount or percentage) and no payment.

The QuikCalc Plus Edition allows you to track up to 5 loans to the penny. You can track missed, late, early, extra and lump sum payments with the Loan Manager. This way you will always know exactly what is owed.

Have you lent money and they sometimes pay late? If a customer is late in paying, QuikCalc Plus! Edition allows you to track the extra interest due and assess late fees and penalties. For U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) loans, QuikCalc will also track the interest escrow for you.

Detailed and summary reports are at your fingertips. Generate reports on demand that include annual summaries based upon any corporate year end. If there is a dispute, you have the numbers to back up what you say is owed. You choose the level of detail and the dates between which the report will be generated.

Track the most complex of loans. QuikCalc Plus! Edition not only can track standard loans, it can also track the most complex of loans including ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) and loans where the terms change including rates and payment types. An example could be a loan that begins as an Interest Only loan then switches after five years to a regular payment loan.

Do you need multiple Day Count Conventions? Most amortization programs only generate schedules for 30/360. We include 14 different Day Count Conventions including Actual/Actual that cover almost every type of loan in existence.

Have you borrowed or lent money? If you have, and you've had problems agreeing on what is owed, payments are occasionally late or early, or extra payments are sometimes made, you can know exactly what is owed so that you are informed and in control. Generate your own reports to compare with as much detail as you need.

Do your payments include more than just principal and interest? If so, QuikCalc can track this for you too including tax and insurance escrow accounts. You can even add your own things to track and specify how frequently they occur and what the amounts are (even as a percentage of many different variables).

Want to create what if scenarios? See the effect of:

Adding any number of extra payments
Putting an annual, monthly or weekly lump-sum on the loan Starting in any year
Skipping/missing payments
Late or early payments
Late penalties and fees
Insurance, Tax and Interest Escrow
Different payment types including interest only
Various Day Count Conventions including 30/360 and Actual/Actual
Different compounding methods including U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) and Canadian mortgages
Changing any payment amount
Switching to accelerated payments
Renegotiating interest rates
And much more!

QuikCalc Start | Screen shots | About the Plus Edition | About the Premium Edition | Which one is Right for Me? 60 Day Money Back Guarantee On ALL Editions!

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