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Smart Tag and RTDS in VB .NET, C#, C++, J# and Delphi - Wizards

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Add-in Express .NET Start. Program COM Add-ins, Smart Tags & RTD Servers in VB .NET, C#, C++, J# and Delphi

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Add-in Express adds to IDE COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTD Servers wizards that help a developer to quickly generate new projects based on Add-in Express. The wizards generate COM add-in, Smart Tag or RTD Server projects and open them in IDE. Each of these projects, an ActiveX library (DLL, an in-process server), contains one or several Automation objects that implement the interfaces required by the supported technology such as IDTExtensibility2, IRtdServer, ISmartTagAction(2), ISmartTagRecognizer(2), etc.

Visual Studio: COM Add-in, Smart Tag, RTD Wizard

In Visual Studio IDE the wizards are available via the "Other Projects | Extensibility Projects" item on the "New Project" dialog box. The wizards support directly C#, Visual Basic, C++ and J#, and generate complete solutions including shims, setup projects and type libraries. In addition to the "New Item" dialog box Add-in Express adds other wizards such as "New Outlook Option Page", "Additional Module", "Separate Shim" etc.

COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTDS specific wizard for Visual Studio

Delphi: COM Add-in, Smart Tag, RTD Wizard

In Delphi IDE the wizards are available via the "Add-in Express .NET Projects" item on the "New Items" dialog box. The wizards support directly Delphi for .NET, and generate a complete project including type libraries. Please note that setup projects and shims are not supported for Delphi since there are no built-in ways to create them

COM Add-in, Smart Tag & RTD Server wizard for Delphi .NET

Add-in Express .NET Start.

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