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Apply Goal Seeker in Scenarios' Sheet

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Apply Goal Seek in Active Scenarios' Sheet  
Use this tool to quickly find the values input variables should take to get a desired result
(output variable value.)

For example, If your current gross margin is $5,000.00 but you want to increase this margin to $9,000.00, how much should your
sales amount to?

This tool works only for input and output variables in the scenarios sheet which have
been created with the Scenarios' Sheet Wizard tool.

In this example, consider the following output variables:

Retained Profit for the Year
Net Operating Profit (NOP)
Gross Margin

Assign values to them as in the screenshot:

Retained Profit for the Year ($ 30,000.00 , $ 50,000.00 , $ 90,000.00)
Net Operating Profit (NOP) ($ 50,000.00 , $ 70,000.00 , $ 120,000.00)
Gross Margin ( $ 150,000.00 , $ 180,000.00 , $ 210,000.00)

The tool automatically recognizes output variables and loads them into the form
so you can assign actual values to them.

Choose the destination where the results will be located, either in a new
sheet or in a specific range of the active sheet.

If you do not want to analyze all variable outputs, uncheck the appropriate checkbox(es)
at the right of each variable you want to omit. Then click OK.

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