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Get Excel Cell Values

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Get cell's value    
This tool is very useful to create cells in a snap. So, we don't need to build complex formulas; In other words, "Get cell's value" let us to build formulas that indirectly, reference to other cells with the possibility of to make variations to according to the row and/or to the column.

Let's see an example:
We want to compare the sales done in March to the ones done 2 months ago.

We will use the tool in the green zone.
We press the corresponding button and a window is displayed with the following fields:
Reference Cell = This is the cell from where we will search the value to extract.

Variation in rows = Number of cells downward or up, from the Reference cell.

Variation in columns = Number of cells leftward or rightward, from the Reference cell.

Left or top = put the variation to negative.

Right or down = put the variation to positive.

Default value = Empty or zero (if both are zero, the value found is in the Reference cell.

There are 3 ways to obtain the result.
First case: Doing directly reference to the cell from which we need the value.
Second Case: Taking as reference the cell where we want to paste the result.
Third Case: Taking as reference any cell.


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