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Active Data for Excel. Data Analysis Features

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Group Summary: Summarize your data, by up to three groups, in ascending or descending order.

Top/Bottom Items: Sort in ascending or descending order, and list a group of the top or bottom items
Age: Take your dated information and group and total it according to intervals you set.

Strata: Takes your data and splits it into bands that you define. Get the totals and stats you need by the data groupings you want and then chart if desired.

Duplicates: Find duplicates in your data and tag them. Once you have them identified you can remove them, put them on a new sheet or append them to an existing sheet.

Gaps: Specify a range in a column or group and then look for items that spill over. Move them to a new sheet; append them to the existing sheet.
Descriptive Statistics: Select a column, and get totals, averages, standard deviations, variances, medians, mediums, max, and mins

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Active-Data for Excel Start

Download Active Data For Excel Demo

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