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Add-in Express .NET Start. Program COM Add-ins, Smart Tags & RTD Servers in VB .NET, C#, C++, J# and Delphi

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Add-in Express .NET is a feature-rich tool that allows you to program COM Add-ins, Smart Tags and Excel RTD Servers for all main applications of MS Office family. Add-in Express .NET Edition is completely based on .NET Framework and integrated into Visual Studio and Delphi IDE. Add-in Express doesn't require deep knowledge of the COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTD Server technologies and allows a .NET developer to quickly start new projects using Add-in Express wizards, modules and components.

COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTD Server Wizards
Add-in Express adds to IDE several wizards that create COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTD Server projects based on Add-in Express. These wizards support directly C#, C++, Visual Basic, J# and Delphi for .NET, and generate all solution parts including the main project, a type library, a setup project and a shim. Read more about COM Add-in, RTD Server and Smart Tag Wizards

True RAD Modules
Add-in Express provides the True RAD way to program COM Add-ins, Smart Tags and RTDS and implements all interfaces required by the supported technologies such as IDTExtensibility2, IRtdServer, ISmartTagAction(2), ISmartTagRecognizer(2), etc. Each of the projects based on Add-in Express contains the main module, a container for Add-in Express components. The main module centralizes the general logic of the project, provides access to the entry point of the host application (for examples, for Outlook add-ins it is the Outlook.Application object), and allows you to create command bars (for COM add-ins), smart tag actions (for smart tags) or topics (for RTD servers). Read more about COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTD Server Modules

.NET Components for COM Add-ins, Smart Tags and RTD Servers
Add-in Express provides several components that help you to:

  • Program COM Add-ins, add, customize and manage command bars and their controls, handle control events and events of the add-in host application.

  • Create smart tag recognizers and their recognizable words or phrases, specify smart tag actions and handle them.

  • Define RTD topics, pass parameters to these topics and handle them.

Read more about COM Add-in, Smart Tag and RTD Server Components

Add-in Express makes COM add-in and Smart Tag development faster

Writing COM Add-ins || Add-in Express .NET Start.

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