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Average Wage Earners Budget


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The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is a complete home budget management system designed especially for households and persons whose primary source of income is hourly wages

A Complete Home Budget Management System

The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is a complete home budget management system designed especially for households and persons whose primary source of income is hourly wages.  Budget Manager sees your economy as a series of pay periods, each one with its own concerns.  You tell Budget Manager all of your personal financial business (income and expenses) and the information it provides helps you make decisions that are in your best interest.

Current Overhead

With the Current Overhead feature, you can determine at a glance if you are "in the red" and, if so, what areas you need to adjust to improve your financial picture.

View Budget

The View Budget feature  is the heart of Budget Manager.  After entering your income and expenses information, Budget Manager takes that information and sets up a budget for you - pay period after pay period, Starting with the pay period you request.  For each pay period, Budget Manager takes the amount you enter as your regular income and "pays" whatever is due for that period.  Whatever monthly obligation, regularly paid item, adjustment or periodic allotment to some project is due, Budget Manager alerts you to that fact - on time.  The remarkable thing about this feature is its ability to "help" the pay period that follows the requested budget period.

Savings Forecast

The Savings Forecast feature works very much like the View Budget window with the exception of not displaying the full budget for each pay period.  It merely records the balances left over from each budget and keeps a running total, enabling you to forecast your savings, if any

Because the grocery bill is a chief concern of most average wage earner's, Budget Manager provides a unique Shopper feature that helps you plan your shopping economically.

Master Shopper

The next time you go shopping, Start saving your grocery bills and give the information to the Master Shopper feature.  For each item you buy, tell Budget Manager the item name, price, store, unit (pounds, quarts, 6-pack, etc.) and whether or not there is a sales tax for it.

Using this information, Budget Manager will build a master list from which you can prepare shopping lists each time you go shopping at your favorite stores.  Since Budget Manager can save any shopping list you produce for any store you shop at, you don't have to repeat this process every time you decide to shop again at a desired store.  Just use the Open Store  feature to retrieve your store of choice, after which you can make any changes you wish using the Current Shopping  List feature.

Current Shopping List

With the Current Shopping List feature, you can include coupons to reduce your grocery bill.  You can keep track of your current costs as you add or take away items, because its Total Cost box is updated each time you make a change.  In fact, every time you make a change in the Current Shopping List feature, a corresponding change is made in the Master Shopping List feature for you - and vice versa.

When you are ready to shop, print out your shopping list and take it to your favorite store.  The information it delivers will remind you of what to get, how many, the cost with tax and coupon (if any) and the total cost of your bill.  If your entries are up-to-date and correct, you should get an exact match with your grocery bill!

With an organized budget, you usually have money left over to do extra things.  To help you make wise decisions, Budget Manager provides a Finance section loaded with information.


For example, you may want to Start a savings or investment program.  Using the Savings feature, you tell Budget Manager the amount of your monthly deposits, the annual percentage rate (APR) your investment account bears, the number of monthly deposits you plan to make and the current amount in your account.  Then, after you indicate whether your deposits are made at the beginning or end of the month, Budget Manager informs you what the future value of your investment will be at the end of your program.  You can use the Savings window for any program that involves regular monthly deposits into an interest bearing account for a set period of time - savings, annuities, etc.

Loan Payments

Are you interested in purchasing a needed or wanted item on credit? Sometimes that may be necessary but careful consideration is very important.  If you tell the Loan Payments feature the amount you wish to borrow, the expected annual percentage rate (APR) of your loan and the number of monthly payments you would like to make, it will tell you what you can expect to pay per month for the loan itself.  As with most of the Finance section windows, you will need to indicate whether your deposits are made at the beginning or end of the month.

An interesting and informative part of the Loan Payments feature is its ability to display an Amortization  table that shows you the full payment, the principal part of it and the interest portion of each monthly payment. This table also displays the full payments, principal payments and interest payments for each year your loan continues.  In this way, you can keep track of exactly how much you are paying in interest and principal each payment and each year.  By the way, this feature comes in handy during tax time, if you are itemizing your deductions and would like to project interest amounts on deductible items such as a home loan.

Loan Interest Rate

The Loan Interest Rate window works similar to the Loan Payments window, however, its output is the annual percentage rate of your loan. That is, it tells you what APR you need to borrow at to achieve a certain monthly payment amount for a loan.

Without having extra money, it is possible to enjoy that good feeling that comes from paying off bills.  To help you do this, Budget Manager utilizes the Pay Off feature

Pay Off Plan

With this feature, you tell Budget Manager how many creditors or bills you wish to pay off.  Then for each creditor/bill you are paying off, you enter the creditor name, the balance owed, the annual percentage rate (APR) on the loan, the set monthly amount you wish to pay and the next due date.  Obviously, the higher the set monthly amount you enter for each creditor/bill, the faster you will pay them off.

Given the above information, Pay Off proceeds to display a pay off plan that pays off your creditors/bills in the shortest time possible considering the money you give it to work with

If you are planning a project that extends over a number of pay periods, like a vacation, you can develop a savings program using the Projects feature.  You can use the Projects feature for anything you have to save up money for by a particular date (pay period).

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Whether in the United States, the Caribbean, or some other exciting place, taking a well-deserved vacation can mean a lot.  With The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager, you can easily plan your dream vacation.

With so many programs available for buying a home, it is worth your while to consider putting some funds away as soon as possible.  With Budget Manager's Projects feature, you can take control and finally determine when your budget will provide enough funds to make the big move.

Do you have your eye on that "new" car you've been noticing in ads lately?  Tell Budget Manager through its Projects feature and watch it help you calculate the best time to act and insert the savings plan right into your projected budgets. Then, just follow the budget plans Budget Manager provides and the money will be there - right on schedule!

Paying for a college education for children can be a challenge for the average wage earner.  Many just can't do it because they don't make enough money - or can they?  In many households, might it really be a case of "a fool and his money are soon departed"?  With the "eyes" Budget Manager provides, you will be able to set up a test and "see" where your money would be in about 5, 10, or 15 years from now - if it were wisely managed.

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