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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

Calculate Employee Hours Worked

Hours Clocked

We know you've been enduring the agony of converting your time clock cards to payroll data, counting on your fingers to see how much time is between 10:15 and 3:20 and converting minutes to fractions of hours.  Well all that's behind you now because we have a solution you're going to like.  Use our time clock calculator software to do the job

The screen shot above shows three full weeks of seven days and you can set the first day of the week to any of the seven days. You can size the screen, move it around and scroll it. When you shut it down, it remembers where you had it on your desktop and how big it was. No need to redo all that.

For each day, time can be entered as "regular", "vacation", "sick" or "other". Regular time is divided between straight time and overtime as per your setting. The others are noted for your records. All time is always converted to decimal hours no matter what format you choose for data entry.

When all the data's entered, you have a variety of presentation choices:

Each time card data can be presented and printed by Adobe's free Reader. The totals are at the bottom of the report. Each time a card is printed, the data is saved both for reloading into the time card data entry screen and for the reports below:

Summary reports:

Another Adobe style report but this one presents all of the employees with clock data over some selected date range.

If you have Microsoft's Excel installed, you will be able to see the report in a spreadsheet format with all the ability that Excel offers to analyze the data :

Finally, the same data can be save in a comma-separated-value (csv) format. This format can be opened by most other spreadsheet programs or in any word processor.

The Hours Clocked program is a handy tool for determining hours worked from time card data.  An operating description follows

Data is manually entered from a printed time card in any of the following formats:

  • 12 Hour clock in hours and minutes.
  • 12 Hour clock in hours and decimal fractions of hours.
  • 24 Hour clock in hours and minutes.
  • 24 Hour clock in hours and decimal fractions of hours.

Overtime options are:

  • A daily overtime threshold may be set.  For example, any time clocked past 8 hours would be overtime.
  • A weekly overtime threshold may be set.  For example, any time clocked past 40 hours would be overtime.
  • If neither daily or weekly overtime is selected, all hours are displayed as regular.
  • If both daily and weekly overtime is selected, the maximum overtime of the two options is displayed.

As data is entered:

  • Both the daily and total hours are presented in both regular and overtime and is presented in hours and decimal fractions of hours.
  • Non numeric characters are automatically rejected.
  • If an entry is an invalid time, the field is immediately painted red and the period in question is not included in the results..
  • If a period clocked is abnormally low or high, the field is immediately painted yellow to flag a possible error.  The period is, however, included in the results.  The low and high thresholds may be set by the user.
  • Either the Tab or the Enter key moves the cursor to the next time box.

A print function has been added that allows specifying the date and the employee name.  It then prints the daily data and the calculated results.

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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