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SQC/SPC For Excel Screen Shots and Details


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SQC for Excel/SQC for Excel Start

Screen Shots

The SQC for Excel™ program can be used to analyze any valid data available within the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.  The data is copied to a SQC spreadsheet with references back to the original spreadsheet or as value. By using the link any future changes in the original data will result in automatic re-calculation of all charts and limits. To analyze a data set, highlight all the data points to be processed.

[SQC for Excel Selected Data]

Then choose SQC from the Excel main menu.

sfx97_d00.gif (2148 bytes)

From SQC Menu, choose New option. The SQC chart selection wizard will provide the user with the appropriate dialog boxes to choose all necessary parameters. A simple example is shown below.

[Select SQC for Excel Parameters 1/4]

Enter the user parameters and click on NEXT button.

sfx97_d03.gif (5714 bytes)

You can define the type of raw data for the SQC for Excel program. The data is then copied to a new spreadsheet with the required links.

sfx97_d04.gif (6052 bytes)

Next you need to specify the analysis type, kind of control charts and any advanced feathers. Each of the above selection have their own properties that can be set to the correct value. For example the control chart properties dialog box is shown below.

sfx97_d05.gif (4733 bytes)

The user can select varieties of reports to be generated automatically.

sfx97_d06.gif (6671 bytes)

All calculations and equations are explained in detail.

sfx97_d07.gif (9141 bytes)

In this example X-Bar, R, Histogram and Auto-correlation charts are plotted automatically from the data selected in the spreadsheet.

sfx97_d08.gif (8279 bytes)sfx97_d09.gif (9048 bytes)sfx97_d10.gif (10196 bytes)

Process capabilities are calculated as:

sfx97_d11.gif (8161 bytes)

The advanced charts such as EWMA, CUSUM or Trend charts can be done with just selecting one button.

sfx97_d12.gif (6434 bytes)sfx97_d13.gif (6089 bytes)sfx97_d14.gif (6306 bytes) 

The following example provides you with the details of how to use the SQC for Excel program.

A- Start the SQC for Excel program.

B- Run a Sample Case

Follow the instructions and pay attention to the selections. Click OK

C- The program automatically opens the file CASES.XLS and selects the data with a the first row containing the LABEL and DIAMETER labels. There are 20 data sub-groups.

Click the Next button.

D- The data has a Header row and the appropriate option is checked in the "Header information" selection box.

Click the Next button.

E- The X and MR (Moving Range) chart is selected.

Click the Next button.

F- This dialog box sets the PRINT option.

Click the Finished Button.

G- In the worksheet "Charts" the SQC Charts are plotted.

The Calculation is shown in the worksheet "Calculation"

The "Auto Correlation" worksheet display the AUTO-CORRELATIONS of data.

The data process capabilities are show in the "Capability" worksheet.

SPC/SQC for Excel Start

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