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Remote Office Manager - Colleagues Can Access Your Documents Securely From Anywhere

Remote Office Manager

A 5 user license to use the Remote Office Manager so that you and your colleagues can access your documents fast and securely from anywhere where you have a connection to the internet with no synchronization problems

What is Office Manager?

A Contact Manager

Office Manager’s Prime Module is a simple, powerful and flexible manager for all the primary elements (“Entities”) with which you interact in your business and social life: People, Organizations, Addresses, Projects, Resources and Concepts.

A Document Manager & Paperless Office System

Office Manager stores your documents in their original format or as images as you wish and can store and identify unlimited versions. Instant full-text indexed searches on random words in the title and/or description fields find just the document you want instantly.

The Prime Module, adding basic contact management to a full document management and paperless office system on its own provides more functionality than most so-called full-featured stand-alone document management systems available today.

A Personal and Group Information Manager

Office Manager’s Action Module (due end-August 2004) manages your personal and group Events, Tasks and Notes and can link them dynamically to any Prime Entity or document. The Register is a secure, private place to store all your account numbers, PINs, logons and other things you have nowhere else to store.

A Professional Accounting Application

The Accounting Module (due end 2004) is a full multi-company, multi-currency accounting application for professional and service firms. It provides full client, trust and general ledger accounting with the ability to analyze or consolidate by company, department, project or any other Prime Entity. Includes time costing and automatic invoicing.

Browser Based and (very) Fast

Office Manager is written in and SQLServer and requires nothing more than a browser on the user’s workstation. Yet we have never seen a faster application even in client/server. Office Manager delivers data to the browser using XML and so can be easily customized to other environments - including mobile devices.

Who can use Office Manager?


Office Manager stores its information about the Entities it manages the same way as your brain—as multi-dimensional associations. And it allows you* to navigate those relationships quickly and easily and to recover and present on screen and on paper a 2 dimensional representation as a tree, outline, mindmap or Visio chart and to export the data to Microsoft Office and other applications using XML.

Anyone who is willing to spend enough effort to put data into Office Manager can use it as an extension of hisher brain that is free from memory loss.


Office Manager is better than a portal because it provides the structure for your group’s shared information that otherwise you would have to design and maintain yourselves. Share all your information instantly and automatically.

The “Message” note type allows members of a work group to keep each other up to date over their intranet or extranet across the office and around the globe by means of a simple network link, keeping everyone up to date real-time and reducing network traffic of intra-group e-mails enormously.


To Office Manager an enterprise is just a bigger workgroup but its sophisticated but simple built-in security tools ensure that every bit of information can be accessed and viewed by everybody who has appropriate authority and nobody who does not.

Global Teams

Office Manager needs nothing more than a browser on the user’s workstation. All the data is stored in a single location and can be accessed by any authorized user anywhere in the world—fast.

Where do I install Office Manager?


Office Manager is a server -based application that requires both Microsoft's (MS) SQL Server and MS IIS (Internet Information Services) to run. But you can use your personal workstation or laptop as the server as long as you are using MS Windows 2000 or Windows xp and as the client as long as you are using MS Internet Explorer 6 or above.

On a Local Area Network

Office Manager works best and fastest when the server is a Windows 2000 server or above and the client workstations can access it over the local area network. To do this all they need is a browser running MS Internet Explorer 6 or above

On a Hosted Platform

One of the easiest and most economical ways to implement Office Manager is to have it hosted on one of the many excellent value hosting services now available around the world. We can even set it up for you on a hosted platform for a single setup fee. All you have to do is give us the admin password to your site. After setup you can change the password and have an instant secure and fully operation application.

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Office Manager - 5 Users License $726.00 Secure Payment Options

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