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If you need a set of random numbers in Microsoft Excel, you will find that generating random numbers is easier said than done. Create hundreds of random numbers in Excel with the menu driven Random Number Generator. Many options to meet your needs.

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Excel Random Number GeneratorExcel Random Number Generator

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Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Excel Add-ins Buy individually or as part of the Analysis Collection for Microsoft Excel and save! Over 80%by buying 40+ time saving add-ins and 3downloadable books Random Number Generator for Microsoft Excel $24.95 Payment Problems/Options If you need a set of random numbers in Microsoft Excel, you will find that generating random numbers is easier said than done.  Especially if the random numbers must be unique.  Unless you have our Random Number Generator.  The following screen shot shows how easy it is to fill in:

As the above illustrates, you control the Starting and ending values, the number of random numbers generated, and specify the destination cell. You also have the option to make the numbers unique.  And to generate random number across many columns so that you can create a table of random numbers.

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