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Property Investment Analysis Software

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PropertyX - Property Investment Analysis Software

Property Analysis is a complete property investment analysis software that comes with more than 12 investment analysis calculators, up to 40+ year projections, and investment analysis reports with graphical illustrations. Property Analysis will analyze what if scenarios on many financial variables such as growth, cash flows, loan repayments, potential income, expenses, interest rates, vacancy rates, depreciation, and tax savings that every investor should be aware of before making any real estate investment decision. In summary, analysis reports generated by Property Analysis will help you to determine: cost of holding a property on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis, expected tax savings due to negative gearing, Internal rate of return / return on equity over period of time, what are the risks involved in your investment, understand the true cost involved in owning and maintaining a property, savings on extra repayments, borrowing capacity, amortization schedules, analyze portfolio of multiple property investments.

In today's demanding business environments, the need to keep track of your own finance is crucial. The need to make the right decision when it comes to Property Investment can take time and become costly if the right decision is not made.

Now with easy to use Property Analysis, the property investment analysis software, all your headaches and sleepless night are gone.

In a matter of seconds, Property Analysis will analyses many financial variables (growth, cash flows, loan repayments, potential income, expenses, depreciation and tax savings) that you should be aware of before making any real estate investment decision.  This Software package consists of comprehensive reports that would help you to make wise decisions in a matter of seconds.


Property Analysis is a completely easy to use property analysis software that allows you to produce comprehensive 40+ year’s projection for any type of real estate investment and present various reports according to what-If scenarios.

This software will help you to understand the risks/rewards associated in a particular real estate investment and provide adequate projections to make informed decisions in terms of whether a particular real estate investment suite investor needs and whether the investment is inline with investors’ expected goals.

In Summary, the analysis reports will help you to determine:

  • Cost of holding a property on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis
  • Expected Tax savings due to negative gearing
  • Internal rate of return / return on equity over period of time
  • What are the risks involved
  • Understand the true cost involved in owning and maintaining a property

Main Features of the Software

User-friendly rich windows interface that allow to enter all the parameters required to evaluate a particular investment in the form of a wizard.

Ability to save the property analysis for later retrieval. Property Analysis allow saving property investments in components (Property, ownership, Finance) or as a whole investment.

Ability to save Investment components into XML based templates thus saving lot of time. Financial companies can pre-save their existing properties and financial details into templates and quickly apply them against a potential investor to demonstrate the suitability of a particular property to a particular investor.

Functionality to analyse implications of a property investment based on various projected parameters (growth rate, inflation, income tax brackets,  property vacancy rate, property related expenses, property income, property management fees, depreciation, building write off, loan type, purchase costs, loan costs, interest rate etc)

Reports can be generated on behalf of clients by financial planners, mortgage brokers, property marketers, Accountants etc. Property Analysis software allows to display appropriate company details and client details separately in reports.

The software allows maintaining unlimited number of properties, investors/clients and property portfolios. Distribute reports to your accountant, clients, lender or investors via direct E-mail or disk.

Complete set of analysis reports.

  • Complete detailed Property Investment Financial Analysis report
  • Capital gain projections report and graphical charts
  • Projected Property settlement Cost report
  • Contribution chart (Who pays for the property–tax credit, tenant and investor)
  • Property Comparison report (compare one property investment with another)
  • Return on Equity report (investment property internal rate of return)
  • Amortization schedule report for the property loan report
  • Market value of the property over time report
  • Total Wealth report (Combine all properties for an investor)
  • LVR (Loan to value ratio) report
  • Cash Flow Forecast Statement
  • Annual expense forecast Graph
  • Growth Projection Analysis Report and chart
  • Compare Property Investment with a different type of investment

Comprehensive investment calculators

Free real estate buyer/sellers Tips

Complete user manual and online help to get Started for novice investors.

Intended Audience
For anyone who deal with commercial or residential properties:


Below are some of the words our customers have used to describe Property Analysis - Property Expert Investment Analyser. It is software designed to help all type of property investors to chose their real estate investments wisely.

Hi, I have just downloaded and installed the Property Analysis and I in just five minutes I think it is excellent. Thank you for such a great tool. I live in Queensland, Australia and I am very much into real estate investing and I found Property Analysis to be complete and easy to use.
Manil Stephens

"I have recently purchased your product. A lot of great calculators, analysis reports are an eye opener.

"Thanks, I have found your software to be very useful and worth investing in. "
Peter Elliot

"I would like to say that your software is very easy to use and this is the kind of tool everyone should use before making decisions on buying any property"
Belinda Silva

"Hello, I've downloaded your software, I like the look and feel. I am an experienced real estate investor. and you guys have done a great job.
Ananda samarasinghe

"Thank you for the software. This is really an eye opener"

"Thank you! This helped us to purchase our first property with confidence knowing all aspects of costs involved in an property investment"
Arthur Li

"Calculators are a great help. and what about those reports illustrated with various graphs. Keep up the good work guys"
Sanjay Das

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