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How it Compares

Created Especially for Virtual Project Teams

In today's market, it is difficult to cut through the clutter. Team Leader  was created from the ground up for virtual project teams, which is what it does best! The one-of-a-kind Virtual Workshop incorporates best-of-breed features for task management, project coordination, document management, information sharing, form routing. Team Leader  offers the scalability to grow with your organization, flexibility to adapt to your special needs and the robustness to enable the most dynamic teams.

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Virtual Workshop Employees feel like part of an integral part if the team. Geographic location becomes transparent.
Integrated solution, i.e. “One stop shop” People, work and documents are managed in the same place. That means that it’s easier to implement, and it’s easier to get your arms around everything your teams are working on, because it’s all in one place.
Both Web and Windows interface Users have two options, for fast access or remote access.
Outlook look-and-feel Low training costs and faster implementation
Subtask tracking Makes it easy to coordinate complex efforts, even if the work is performed by distributed team members.
Customizable Interface Change labels and tables to reflect your specific business needs.
Hierarchical Categories Organize complex projects with less information.
Programmable Interface Extend functionality and capture additional information for your specific business.
Form Designer Design, route, and report on forms, with no programming or database experience.
Electronic signatures Track management approvals.
Checklist designer Guide team members through repeatable processes.
Workflow features Configure life cycles and custom routing.
Templates Simplify data entry for common task activities.
Historical audit trail Always know who worked on a what or when something was completed, and employee performance history for annual reviews.
Document and contentmanagement Share and track documents, forms, checklists, contacts, binary files, memos, webpages.
Version tracking Tracks the date that documents were changes, and allows users to roll back to previous document versions.
Email Notification Stay in the loop as to when tasks are completed, reassigned or when due dates change.
Time tracking Track and report on time for each task. Great for contractors.
Calendar Automatically keeps your calendar current as you work.
Security Control access based on the team structure or individual.
Business intelligence Manage investments into people, identify your under and over achievers.
Contact management Share and manage contact information.
Database replication Work offline and synchronize later .
HTML reports Report on status, late tasks, upcoming tasks, etc.
Automated reminders Press one button to send emails to everyone in who is late or nearing a due date.
SQL Server-enabled Scale to thousands of users.
Teams within teams Simplified access to your team, even in very large organizations. i.e. no need to browse hundreds of users.
Outlook import and VCard export Helps keep Outlook and Team Leader  synchronized.
Discussion board Employees can brainstorm about a project or activity, and notes are neatly filed away with the task folder.
Live chat Send informal messages to team members.
Developer’s kit This VB source code generator makes plug-in development easy.

Team Leader Start. More on Team Leader: How it works | How does Team Leader compare? | White Paper | Team Leader Video 1 | Team Leader Video 2

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