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A Timeline or Gantt Chart Presents the Projects Against a Calendar

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123-Project is an easy-to-use and inexpensive program management software to track multiple projects. You can focus on schedules with a list-oriented entry method that tracks Start and end dates and durations. A Timeline or "Gantt Chart" presents the projects against a Calendar. You can go into further detail and track resources and expenditures; projects can be assigned people from a list of available resources, by job category or name, with max-usage factors and hourly rates. A comprehensive multi-shift work-calendar defines working and non-working days, and holidays. A flexible Report Generator can be applied to one project or across all projects.

Project Summary View - This is the primary means for managing project information. You can manage a list of up to 100 projects. For each project you can;

Timeline View - This is an industry-standard Gantt Chart showing the duration of projects against a Calendar. In this View; 

Report Generator - You can generate a number of pre-formatted and customizable reports.

Working Calendar - 123-Project has a very flexible calendar system to meet the needs of varying workplaces and people;

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