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Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

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Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 gives users an excellent streamlined database platform for large-scale online transactional processing (OLTP), data warehousing, and e-commerce applications. Server 2000 offers users a fully integrated XML environment, adds a new data mining feature in Analysis Services, and enhances repository technology with Meta Data Services.

The Analysis Services introduces data mining, which be used to discover information in OLAP cubes and relational databases. Learn how SQL Server 2000 improves security controls, enhances client connectivity, and makes real-time data analysis possible.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services extends and renames the former repository component known as Microsoft Repository. Learn how Meta Data Services extends repository technology with the introduction of a new browser for viewing data in a repository database, new XML interchange support, and new repository engine features.

What's New in Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Relational Database Enhancements
XML Integration of Relational Data
Graphical Administration Enhancements
Replication Enhancements
Data Transformation Services Enhancements
Analysis Services Enhancements
Meta Data Services Enhancements
English Query Enhancements
Documentation Enhancements

What's New in Analysis Services

Cube Enhancements
Dimension Enhancements
Data Mining Enhancements
Security Enhancements
Client Connectivity Enhancements in PivotTable® Service
Other Enhancements

What's New in Meta Data Services

Meta Data Browser Enhancement
XML Encoding Enhancements
Repository Engine Programming Enhancements

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Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP) and SQL Server are outstanding products but lack some key capabilities for finance and analyst users such as spreadsheet modelling, freeform reports and writeback. O2OLAP for Excel overcomes these limitations, allowing users to take advantage of the inherent architectural and commodity cost benefits of Microsoft technologies. New market leading functionality enables users to create executive information systems (EIS) without having to write or support a macro.

The combination of Microsoft technology and o2olap for Excel makes a compelling solution for financial reporting, management reporting, financial consolidations, currency translations, budgeting, planning, forecasting, executive information systems (EIS), data mining and data warehouse solutions.

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