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 Oil and Gas E&P Company Equity Valuation Model. WACC Calculation.

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The oil and gas E&P company valuation spreadsheet is more complex than the basic firm valuation model and is geared specifically towards E&P companies. The model allows the user to input expected oil and gas prices and vary production growth by year and commodity. In addition to general performance measures, E&P industry-specific ratios are also calculated and included.

Oil and Gas E&P Company Equity Valuation Model Screenshot of WACC Calculation
Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculation  
Expected return on stock market 10.00%
Risk free rate of return 5.00%
Beta 0.415
Total Debt 371,960
Total Equity 107,282
Debt (percent of total capitalization) 77.61%
Equity (percent of total capitalization) 22.39%
Cost of debt 8.00%
Cost of equity 7.08%
Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) 7.79%

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