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FAQ of Neural Networks Library

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How does Neuro Fusion get input data?
The library takes input data through a pointer to the 2-dimensional matrix of input values. The library does not limit your flexibility with fixed input file formats. You can fill in the matrix however you wish. The matrix can contain floating points, integer and text (categorical) columns. What about graphics?
NeuroFusion is completely independent of graphic interfaces. The library itself does not provide any graphical output but you can use statistics provided by the library to draw training graphs, case errors graphs, actual vs. output graphs and scatter plots, ROC curves, response graphs, input importance charts and more.

What "flavor" of C or C++ is it?
The NeuroFusion is written in ANSI C++. The implementation is Visual C++ and optimized for fast operation and low resources consumption. Of course, you can use the DLL with any development environment that supports DLL.

What functions does the NeuroFusion have?
NeuroFusion ensures easy integration of neural networks into your software. All theoretical details are hidden inside the library. To save your time a minimum function set of 15 functions is created.

The basic set includes 9 functions for importing of input data, creating, deleting, training, applying, saving and restoring networks. The advanced functions are used for reporting on the network training progress and the current state, reinitializing/pausing/resuming/stopping network training, and for specifying the training conditions.

I need to customize your DLL. Can you help me?
Yes. If you need to have the library customized we can do it on per hour basis. Send us your requirements and we will estimate the project time and costs free of charge.

Can I use your library to develop and globally distribute commercial software?
Yes, but you need to purchase the Integration License.

Do I have to pay royalties if I develop and ship commercial software using the library?
No. You do not have to pay per user charges; however, you will need to purchase the Integration License. See License Types for more details.

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