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GoldMine WebImport Add Form Submission Data to GoldMine Database

With Form1 Builder GoldMine you can automatically use GoldMine's WebImport function to add form submission data directly to your GoldMine database. It also allows you to specify the full range of GoldMine functions. This includes running duplication checks and automatic processes. Instructions for these are easily set in the form and processed when GoldMine reads the GoldMine formatted email with the form data. Use Form1 Builder GoldMine to add WebImport forms to your site. The software includes the base Form1 Builder plus an additional GoldMine WebImport feature

Then use Form1 Builder GoldMine to add WebImport forms to your site. This software includes the base Form1 Builder plus an additional GoldMine WebImport feature. The GoldMine WebImport feature formats the form data and adds processing instructions allowing a GoldMine database to recognize the import instructions in the email, and create a contact record with data captured from the web form, automatically.

To use this feature you must have the GoldMine Database then with one click you can build Default GoldMine Processing Code and process forms for GoldMine WebImport.

For GoldMine to read the form data email you need to setup the receiving email account in GoldMine, if you currently use GoldMine as your email handler this has already been done. If not from GoldMine go Edit, Preferences, Internet and input the data for your email i.e pop3, username, password, SMPT and Network details. These are the same as for your normal email.

For data to be imported into GoldMine the form field names must match with the applicable GoldMine Database field name. The script will process all delivered form fields but they will only be imported if names match. To see what field names are used by GoldMine from a record right click the field and select properties, you can also adjust field properties from here. GoldMine will only import as much data as it can fit in the field to which it is imported. For example if you have a field named comments in your form and import this to the standard comments field in GoldMine only the first 65 characters will appear in the GoldMine comment field as this is the default size limit. You can set up Custom fields in GoldMine by going File, Configure, Custom Fields.

To import your form data email from GoldMine click on Mail Center, then Online. This will log on and display emails on your server. Select the Web Import email and then click Get to download from the mail server. When you do this the GoldMine Web Import email will automatically place the form information in your database. You can then view the imported contact details by clicking Contact to view your database. GoldMine can be set to automatically retrieve emails and run automated processes, for details see the GoldMine help.

Form1 Builder GoldMine generates form processing code that runs on your web server. To run this code your server must support the php scripting language. Most commercial web servers support php.

Form1 Builder software provides:

  • User friendly click and build interface for form code generation.
  • Capacity to develop basic to complex forms easily and quickly.
  • Quick Form option to generate a form with a couple of clicks, just add your email address and your form is up and running.
  • Designer Form click and add function so you can include any form fields you require.
  • Ability to use an Existing Form as the base of a new Form1.
  • Full form customization directly in the Form Code text area or any text editor.
  • Form Code which can be simply pasted to existing web forms.
  • Inbuilt file Upload function to upload built forms directly to your server.
  • A form with no coding required.
  • Forms that anyone can build.

All Form Code generated includes the extensive benefits and options provided by Form1 processing including:

  • Single file form, including form, form processing code and user message pages.
  • All processing code is server side php scripting and can never be viewed or accessed by users. This protects your delivery email address from email harvesters.
  • Fully server based, no user JavaScript required.
  • Auto Responder feature to automatically send the form user an email on form submission.
  • Automatically include User Cookie values in form submission.
  • Automatically include User Variables i.e browser and server information in form submission.
  • Processing code detects Required Form Variables and provides prompts for users.
  • Integrate your own pages for display or use default messages for form user prompts and messages.
  • Includes Email validity checks.
  • Predefined field structures identify input variables including User Name, Email and Subject.
  • Capacity to include an Email Copy check box to send a copy of the form to the form user.
  • Processes all form fields automatically.
  • Field name protocols allow you to define delivered fields for the form delivery email.
  • From Email can be set as Form User in the form delivery email enabling email reply function.
  • Verification Code can be automatically added to the form delivery email and used with an email filter to ensure the email originates from the form to eliminate spam email.
  • Display as HTML before Submission displays the form input as a html web page prior to form submission.
  • The capacity to Alphabetically Sort Delivered Data by Form Field Name.
  • Form delivery email can be set as plain text or multipart HTML format.
  • Access Password option to set a password to access the form.
  • Apply a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to the default html notification pages, and forms built using Quick Form and Designer Form functions.
  • File Attachment capacity including file type and size control.
  • Mathematical Functions including plus, minus, multiply and divide can be incorporated as simple form fields.
  • Form data can be sent as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) Data File or a XML (Extensible Markup Language) Data File attachment to the form delivery email. For easy importing into spreadsheets and data bases.
  • Capacity to adjust SMPT Mailserver Setting to match the server send_mail settings and domain mailserver.
  • Ability to develop Multi Page Forms.
  • Maintain Form Content by adding form contents memory to ensure input is never lost.
  • Our clients keep telling us that this software has more features and is easier to use than anything far...and it keeps getting better. What more can we say!

Form1 (the generated form code) runs on your web server. To run Form1 your server must support the php scripting language. Most commercial web servers support php.

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