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Finance Templates

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What-if Analysis Templates

What if profit modeling?  A handy compact Excel table calculates profits, working capital, cash flows and valuation (P/e ratio), unit costs and break even levels when the following variables change > unit sales, revenues, sales growth rates, direct costs, payroll costs, G&A costs, loan costs, depreciation, receivable accounts, payable accounts, inventory levels and the effective tax rate. Calculates 12 month profit/loss schedule, working capital forecasts, free cash flow, profit margins, profit contributions, operating profit, unit profits, unit selling costs, unit standard costs, unit labor costs, break even units, break even volume, return on assets, return on equity, return on capital employed, annualized eps, receivable days, payable days, inventory days. Really useful table provides a quick snapshot of year end calculations when any combination of variables changes.

What if capital assumptions change?  Capital investment "what if" analysis supplied in one compact table. Calculates net present values and internal rate of return for any combination of pricing, direct costs, operating efficiencies, maintenance costs, employee costs, energy costs and other variables. Supplies key operating ratios under any combination of assumptions.

What if financial ratios change?  Calculates key financial ratios for successive periods within a compact Excel table spreadsheet. You can compare up to five successive periods and the trend changes.

What if currencies change?  Instant calculation of 24 leading cross currency rates in real time within Excel. Imports current rates for US dollar, AUS$, Can$, Euro, Brazilian Real, Chinese Yuan, HK$, India Rupee, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican Peso, NZ $, Singapore $, SA Rand, South Korean Won, Taiwan $, Swiss F, Thai Baht, Venezuelan Bolivar and cross calculates between rates. Updates each time you open the workbook without having to look up rates on the web. Two page workbook.

What if costs change?  Excel template calculates operating p/l for any combination changes in direct costs, capacity utilization, direct costs, material utilization, payroll costs, utility costs with this neat handy spreadsheet. A very handy cost calculator.

What price to fill spare capacity?  Excel template calculates the optimal price/demand table and chart that yields maximum profits to fill the spare capacity you define. You need to input demand levels at two differing price levels for the spreadsheet to calculate the change of demand with price (elasticity). Provides the formulas for calculating price/demand elasticity and the sequences which create the max profit/price curve/chart.

Securities & Investments Analysis Templates To Top^

Portfolio rate of return.  A very handy spreadsheet and formulas if you want to track the return and annual rate of return from a series of buy and sell share transactions. You can select the NASD 30/360 or 365 days calculation formula. Quick and handy rate of return calculator for shares.

Bond yields & amortization  This spreadsheet amortizes any bond to maturity, calculates Original Issue Discount, yield to maturity and the annual yield to maturity using the Excel IRR function.

Treasury yields & amortization.  This spreadsheet amortizes Government bonds to maturity, calculates Original Issue Discount, yield to maturity and the annual yield to maturity using the Excel IRR function.

Bond pricing & IOD.  This spreadsheet calculates the Original Issue Discount to yield a target maturity and annual yield to maturity. Plus formulas within 710.

Company valuation.  This spreadsheet calculates company value of using EBITDA multiples adjusting for cash, working capital, real estate and long term liabilities.

Terminal (Closure/Sale) value.  A very useful spreadsheet formulates the closure (sale) valuation to a cash flow forecast. Computes the present value of a hypothetical future sale applying a market driven EBITDA multiple, which adds to the present value of cash flows calculated from the forecast. A useful weapon valuing acquisitions or negotiating a sale.

Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return #1.  NPV formulas and calculations with 10 inputs for cash flow, working capital additional capital and disposals, calculates up to 50 years.

Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return #2.  NPV formulas and calculations with 10 inputs for cash flow, working capital additional capital and disposals, calculate up to 120 months.

Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return #3.  NPV and annual IRR formulas and value when input dates and timing of cash flows are irregular.

Present value of an amount to be received in the future.  Present value of an amount due in the future calculated from today's date.

Future value of an investment or savings amount.  Present value of an amount due in the future calculated from any Starting date.

Rates of return & growth transformed to compound annual rates.  This spreadsheet transform a series of sales figures into continuously compounding annual rates of growth or rates of return measured from a fixed Starting date such as the Start of a year.

Net Present Value of rental leasing.  Decision making rental lease or purchase spreadsheet calculates the after tax net present value of a rental lease accounting for tax relief.

Present value of Capital Budget Cash Flows.  Excel template plus formula sequences for capital budgeting calculates net present value and internal rate of return of a capital budget. 225 expense elements, average and total cash flow calculations, plus net present values and internal rate of return.

Capital Projects Analysis Templates To Top^

Project Appraisal Excel Template.  Quick calculations of EBITDA, payback, net present value, internal rate of return over 20 years incorporating working capital.

Construction projects rate of return.  Specially tailored spreadsheet calculates the rate of return for construction projects with alternative scenarios. You can vary the debt to equity ratio; change the number of pre-construction periods, construction periods, and holding periods after completion before sale, incorporate tax relief on debt interest (if applicable), incorporate rent or lease income, apply a series of variable interest rates on the debt portion of financing. Calculates the annualized rate of return (internal rate of return) on owners' equity.

Capital Project Cash Analysis.  Capital budget cash analysis that will stretch to any length of time line horizon. Over 10,000 cost elements plus date due payable or receivable. Calculate cash flows in and cash flows out on any date over any time horizon. Cash burn calculation at any interval for planning.

Cash flow amortization schedule #1.  A very useful Excel template and formulas for amortizing business loans to calculate after tax net payments and effective after tax interest rate (using the internal rate of return method). Incorporates arrangement and lender fees and tax shelters within the amortization table. Calculates pre and after tax cash flows and the pre and post tax effective interest rates (the internal rate of return). The number of repayment periods per annum can be 152. There are a maximum 360 payment periods. Fixed rate loan schedule.

Cash flow amortization schedule #2.  Excel template provides the same calculations as #24 above plus an extra column added to enter variable loan rates into any amortization period. Adjusts the amortization schedule with repayment calculations as interest rates change. Variable rate loan schedule.

Balance Sheet Analysis Template To Top^

Altman Ratio Scores.  Altman ratio solvency formulas and template provides quick calculation of Altman Z scores for any firm. Altman ratios predict insolvency, or confirm financial well being based on score. (Two linked templates).

Borrowing Capacity Templates To Top^

Extra borrowing capacity with balloon.  You can borrow more with a balloon option. This template works out how much more you can borrow with a ceiling monthly repayment.

Balanced Scorecard calculations & Balanced Scorecard budgeting. With these dual templates you can enter your targets for a balanced scorecard budget (make percentage changes to existing values and create fixed financial targets) that will improve your current financial results. Run what if percentage changes for revenue improvement (by customer growth, product types and market share), target changes in cost reduction/productivity, asset utilization, free cash flow and working capital. The second template calculates your balanced scorecard budget, a new balance sheet and cash flows.

Tools > Useful Tools for Excel To Top^

Date stamp formula.  Spreadsheet and formulas which will monitor task completions within Excel with this fixed time/date stamp formula for Excel.

Credit card validity check.  Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit card numbers (13, 15 or 16 digits) can be validated* with Excel using this complex checksum formula. Saves time and money with a one time check routine if you are processing credit cards.

* (Validated means checking whether the credit card number represents a real credit card. It does not say whether the credit card is active or delinquent).

Moving average formula (max 500).  A nice solution for Excel which ignores zero values so that you can build your own records of moving averages from within a large range table.

Filling in the Blanks.  This formula spreadsheet shows you how to fill the blanks when you have large imported lists of data imported from other applications which creates problems with sort and filtering. Our template shows you how to clean up imported data lists so that you can work with the data more easily within Excel.

Intentional Circular Calculations.  Excel tells us when a formula creates a circular loop which needs unpicking. You can use intentional circular loops to perform some very neat financial calculations. This spreadsheet shows you how with two examples. (1) the formula that maintains the record of all time high value ever entered (orders, sale rep performance, outputs) into your constantly changing updated list of values, (2) formula that calculates and recalculate sequences of random numbers between 1100 (creates unique codes or lottery numbers).

Tools > Add-in Functions To Top^

Fifty five extra financial functions (VBA) add-in. More than fifty additional financial functions (VBA codes) give you with several short cut commands for repetitive financial calculations. From Quick() (Quick Ratio) and CRNT (current ratio) to CC() (Cost of capital) to Disc (discount factors for net present value calculations) our pack of quick shortcut Excel functions helps you to speed up your financial calculations.

CURRENCY: You can set the currency to any symbol by opening the Format menu

 Compatible with Excel 97 or above and any Windows platform.
If you are working with the Mac version of Excel, contact the support email address given after purchase and we will redirect you to the Mac download version.

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