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Financial Software Index 3

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Financial Software for Personal Budgets and more.

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Financial Software Index 3

Mortgage Tools Professional Mortgage Tools for the Serious Homebuyer. Extremely easy-to-use and accurate mortgage calculators are finally here. You will be able to calculate your total house payment including taxes and insurance without guessing or inaccurate results! 

Personal Finance Software Fortora Fresh Finance is the straightforward personal finance software for everyone. With Fortora Fresh Finance you can easily manage your personal finance-related tasks, such as balancing the checkbook, keeping track of credit cards, bill reminders, budgets and more. And you can easily generate reports to see where your money is going. Fortora Fresh Finance's streamlined user interface has an easy learning curve, and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Project Analysis Software The Project Analysis Software ToolKit is an all-in-one, easy-to-use tool that helps you quickly determine the profit potential, break-even analysis, projected income or loss, and Start up costs of almost any project you are considering. Just plug in the numbers and quickly find out if your project has any chance of profitability. ONLY $9.95 With Optional Reseller Rights!

Master Budget Pro Master Budgets PRO consolidates 10 individual budgets into one Master Budget and monthly actual reports into one consolidated Master Report with year to date summaries and adjustable reporting time frames.

Master Investor MI is a comprehensive portfolio management and technical analysis system for individual investors and money managers. Manages investments in stocks, bonds, options, cash, other assets & liabilities. Back To: Financial Software

MATHEMATICAL FUNCTIONS is an easy to use, intuitive program to visualize and study functions of one variable in a defined interval to find roots, maxima and minima, integral, derivatives, graph. You can predefine constants and specify the error bound for the results. It can fully explore intervals to search for multiple solutions. Results, including the graph, can be saved or printed. You can also copy the graph to the clipboard, which you can then paste where you please (Word, Paint, etc.). You have one-click control of the graph with zooming, panning, centering, etc. Handles a wide variety of functions. Includes a help file with instructions, example and methodology.

MinuteManPlus   is an easy-to-use and inexpensive program to track multiple projects. You can focus on schedules with a list-oriented entry method that tracks Start and end dates and durations. A Timeline or "Gantt Chart" presents the projects against a Calendar.

Net Worth Builder Net Worth Builder removes the tedium from keeping and organizing your vital financial information. It lets you see your financial strengths and weaknesses quickly, by helping you build 15 personal reports that all roll into one personal net worth statement.

Ordinary Differential Equations - Finite Series Solutions solves boundary-value or initial-value problems involving nonlinear or linear ordinary differential equations of any order, or systems of such. The conditions may also be linear or nonlinear equations involving the unknown functions and their derivatives. The solution produced is a continuous function in the form of finite power or trigonometric series, depending on the program, of user-specified number of terms valid in the entire defined interval and expanded about a user-chosen center of expansion

PC Property Management Software PC Property Manager is a rental property management software system for residential rental property investors to manage their financial and other rental property transactions. It is more than an excellent book-keeping system. See Also: Real Estate Investment Software

Phone Call Manager A productivity tool to track and manage in-coming calls and follow-up action to your organization. Ezy Call Manager is a productivity tool that you can use in a small one man, home based business or a larger corporate environment of up to 30 users

Personal Budgeting Personal Budgeting is a fully automated software product that tracks all of your monthly expenses and compares them to the amount you budgeted.

Personal Portfolio Manager The Personal Portfolio Manager (PPM) was rated the best portfolio management software by the Financial Times (London) and Securities Research Company Ltd (New Zealand).

Personal Accounting Software simple, easy to use personal accounting for every home. Takes the pain out of everyday household banking, account management & administration. No household should be without Ezy Personal Accounting 3000.

Purchase Order An affordable solution for small and medium size companies that handle their equipment, material, and other purchases via purchase order.

Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel will determine the impact of a price change on your business.

Profit Contribution Breakdown Excel Profit Contribution Breakdown allows you to identify the level of surplus/profit generated by components of your business.

Profit & Loss Compiler The Profit and Loss Complier will import and format your monthly Profit and Loss data from MYOB.

Product & Supplier Profitability Determine profit by product and supplier. Product and Supplier Profitability. Identify the true costs associated with your products. It does this by considering initial costs (purchase, transport, receiving, and reject), on-going costs (storage, overheads), as well as finance and customer return costs.

Project and Job Timer This is a Project or Job Timer that will keep track of your time spent on a job, plus it will calculate the hourly rate on which you charge, It has it's own built in Invoice which you can print and it stores your customers information to be recalled later for future projects.

Property Management software Practical and easy-to-use DIY property management software to create tenant statements and reports, track payments and expenses for unlimited number of tenants, owners, loans and investments PLUS loan and investment tracker and simulator. See Also: Real Estate Investment Software

QuikCalc Mortgage & Loan Manager Lite Down Payment Amount, Gross Debt Service Ratio, House Price from Payment Amount, Interest, Amount, Maximum Loan, Maximum Payment, Mortgage Payment, Principal Amount, Rent Payments Total, Time to Pay Off Accelerated Loan, Total Debt Service Ratio, Total Debt Service Ratio Maximum Amount, Total Interest Paid, Total Paid for Home.

QuikCalc Mortgage & Loan Manager Personal Mortgage and loan software includes the powerful Amortization Schedules Plus! feature that allows you to override, skip or add any number of payments. The Loan Management feature allows you to track actual loan terms and varying interest rates, as well as your actual payments made and projected payments

QuikCalc Amortization Mortgage and loan software includes easy to use amortization tables and schedules that allow any interest rate, payment and compounding frequency, including accelerated payments. Includes many reports including annual summaries. See before and after comparisons of your changes. Data file backup and integrated field level popup calculator also included.

Quick Value PRO Calculate Business & Share Valuations with QuickValue and Excel.

Quick Business Manager Pro Quick Business Manager Pro is Business Transaction Management Software. Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Employees and Payroll, and Reports.

Rich Or Poor Rich Or Poor is a software for individuals, families and some small companies to manage and analyze their financial affairs. Back To: Financial Software

Real Option Valuation Excel Templates The Real Option Valuation model encompasses a suite of option pricing tools to quantify the embedded strategic value for a range of investment scenarios.

Real Estate Investment Analysis Software fully functional capabilities up to $100,000,000 property values. See Also: Real Estate Investment Software

Resource Manager Excel Resource Manager is the only low-cost, planning and scheduling solution that works for all manufacturing enterprises. Resource Manager for Excel (RM-X) RM-X is an add-on to Excel (version 97 and greater) and is designed for single concurrent users who are familiar with Excel.

Retail Performer Retail Performer labors on behalf of Store Managers by Rostering Salespeople cost-effectively, and instantly produces Statistical Performance KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) about their individual sales performance on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. Tracking individual sales performance enables instant identification of each individual Salesperson's MOST deficient selling skill, and dynamically guides the Store Manager precisely how to coach that 'deficient' skill.

Retirement Planner Retirement Planner will help you list your expenses, assets and investments to project your financial needs now through the remainder of your career and into retirement.

Retirement Planning Software Use Retirement Planning to determine exactly how much you need to save to meet your retirement goals and maintain a comfortable standard of living. This program includes an IRA module, an income and cash flow module and a lump-sum module.

Retirement Planning Software Are you saving enough for retirement? Retirement Planning Software (Retirement Planner) will tell you the answer. The intuitive one screen design will help you develop a savings strategy to reach your retirement income goal.

Retirement Planner Workbook his Excel workbook computes and displays retirement plan contributions. It uses three types of worksheets: Setup-Enter monthly data and plan requirements; Monthly: Enter employee salary and contributions and display employee information and employer matches; Summary: Accumulation of salaries, contributions and matches.

Sales Tracking Software Instant Sales Tracking Software is a reliable and feature-packed database designed to help your business easily manage customers, suppliers, inventory and accounts. Streamline your business processes with this flexible and powerful database system for recording: customer details, payments, refunds, customer contacts, sales orders, shipments, inventory purchases, supplier details, supplier payments, and even customer communication history.

Schedule Planning (Noah) Noah is a high performance planning and scheduling offering for Job Shops, Fabricators, Service/Repair Shops, and others where customer service and shipping on time is vital.

Simple Business Accounting Designed for business owners, not accountants, Simple Business Accounting (SBA) makes bookkeeping quick, easy and affordable.

Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory A complete sales management system that includes: invoicing, inventory management, automated billing, mailing list management, customer management and sales tracking.

Smart Money With Smart Money you can enter, view, analyse and print out all aspects of your personal income & expenditure, thus enabling you to control your finance at all time.

 Shift Scheduler Continuous Excel The Shift Scheduler will build a roster structure to your specifications, allocate staff automatically, and generate a printable roster, all at the click of a button. See Also: Employee Scheduling Software

The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is a complete home budget management system designed especially for households and persons whose primary source of income is hourly wages.

TSC - Loan Calculation TSC - Loan Calculation Software is a full featured loan calculation software that will calculate your loans completely and precisely to the penny.

Top Invoice Software Top Invoice offer top-of-the-art invoicing software, that easy manage your Administration and all your Payments. You have full control over the System and all your Sales, that will make your job easy when you work with Customers and Invoicing.

Time Billing Tracker Time billing software for service industry professionals. For lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other professionals who bill for their time and services.

Time, Wage and Pay sheet If you need to track employee hours and calculate their pay based on the hours worked, this Workbook will make it a breeze!

Transaction Transaction is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose interactive data analysis and reporting tool intended to help you control your online sales. Transaction can serve several small to medium management needs for either private users, software developers or small businesses making keeping track of online sales a snap.

Tour Merchandise Inventory Software for the Entertainment Industry. The "Tour Merchandise Inventory" is designed and targeted specifically towards the entertainment industry. Whether you're a local, regional, or professional entertainment group; traveling zoo; corporate sponsor or endorsement; if you sell merchandise, or if your inventory has gone out of control.

Universal Pricing Calculations for Excel The Universal Pricing Calculator evaluates price - demand curves to find the maximum price which produces the maximum profit for any product. The user needs to supply just two datasets, demand1 @ price1 and demand2 @ price2. From this information the program will give you the elasticity of demand, the demand quantity at the optimum price, the strength of demand and the maximum profit.

VisuCalc Now you can have the convenience of a pocket reference in the palm of your hand. Only, instead of looking up formulas to perform conversions and calculations, you can plug in data and have instant information. VisuCalc  has taken some of the most useful and commonly used calculation and conversion tables and converted them into a quick and easy user interface. The major components of this useful tool includes a Date Calculator, Time Zone Converter, Currency Converter, Unit Converter and Investment Calculator.

Vehicle Trip Report Management Software Keep track of Motor homes, Trucks, Trailers, Automobiles, Classic Cars, Boats, Construction, Farming and Fleets

Wage Calculator Allows you to define roster schedules and will automatically calculate associated wage costs by staff, Area, and Department for each day, and the week. It uses a base wage and up to six additional wage loadings to determine the wage structure.

Work Order If your company issues work orders to outside contractors, our program can save you time and money! Easy to operate, single or multi-user. Does not force you to conform to any pre-determined format - simply type in the instructions you wish to issue, in whatever manner works for you. Based on commercial real estate applications, but flexible enough to be used in virtually any industry. Built-in e-mail, reports, much more.

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