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The innovative menu Zap menu dialog box empowers the way you manage and select your workbook s sheets. This customizable menu enables you to: Organize and sort worksheets under categories; View and select only the sheets of the category you need; Navigate instantly from sheet to sheet, regardless of the number of sheets you have (several or dozens). Useful to all Excel users menu Zap improves worksheet organization, updates, and analysis, just as if your workbook was a professional package.

Menu-Zap adds an innovative 'menu dimension' into your workbook's worksheet organization. As your sheets are now organized into a menu, this 'menu dimension' will very significantly improve the way you manage your sheets and your information, just as if you were using a professional software package. Menu-Zap will help you organize, update, analyze and show your data and graphs much more efficiently.

  • Worksheets can be organized under categories (buttons of your menu).
  • Navigation through the tabs becomes fast and easy ( from a few sheets to many).
  • The tab names become legible immediately.
  • Menu-Zap allows a more rational distribution of the data into several sheets.
  • Worksheets can be linked to several buttons and be sorted differently in each button of the menu.


  1. Windows 95 and later versions. Excel 97 and later versions.
  2. Menu-Zap can be applied to all workbooks created before installation of Menu-Zap.
  3. A menu can be removed at any moment, from the workbook, without having any impact on the workbook.
  4. The user applies Menu-Zap only to those workbooks that seem to be relevant.

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