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Protect Excel Formulas

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Protect & Hide Excel Formulas Quickly & Easily

Excel Formula Manager Start

One very common request from Excel users is the ability to  Lock, or Lock and Hide, only Cells that contain formulas. Unfortunately Excel has no built in way to do this quickly and easily. With the Formula Manager this task takes only a few seconds. You can also choose to Protect the Worksheet at the same time, saving another step. In addition, there is a button that will unlock all cells on the Worksheet in one click.

The Formula Manager is designed to make the managing of all formulas in Excel a breeze. It can be used in four main areas


  • Map your spreadsheet by formula type.
  • Format the background color of all formulas that match the criteria you set.

  • Format the font of all formulas that match the criteria you set.


  • The formula as in the cell.
  • The address of the cell.
  • The sheet is resides on.
  • Auto filter is also automatically applied for ease of reading and filtering.
  • Report includes Clickable Hyperlinks direct to the specified formula cell.

Protection (This Page)

  • Lock and hide formulas
  • Lock only formulas
  • Hide only formulas
  • Lock/Hide and protect all Worksheets in one go.


  • Copy without formula references changing
  • Copy and transpose (row to column or column to row) without formula references changing

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