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Import Excel Into Access

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Import Microsoft Excel Into Microsoft Access

BUY Excel Import Assistant <See Also SQL Tester To Import SQL Into Excel>

Excel Import Assistant is an Access add-in for importing excel into access in a controlled way. Instead of entering data one by one from a spreadsheet or another source that can be converted into a spreadsheet, the users simply need to import data, thus saving enormous amount of time and money on data entry clerks. The wizard is typically used in situations such as a new Access system where data needs to be moved from Excel to Access or for regularly importing files from outside sources or from another system. By linking Access to your ODBC compliant database (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) you can just as easily use the wizard to transfer Excel data into that.

New in Version 5: Import multiple files or sheets in one go. If suppress messages is selected all rejected records are copied into a failed import file where the user can correct them to subsequently re-import.

Excel Import Assistant is useful in the following situations:

  • You have to convert excel to access.
  • You are currently working in Excel and you want to export excel to access.
  • Import multiple files or sheets in one go.
  • You obtain data from different sources using mail and Excel attachments.
  • Replace or update data in Access from Excel

The wizard interface automatically matches Excel columns with Access table layout. The user can then make changes such as adjusting pre-matched columns, specifying fixed column value or ignore column.

After mapping Excel columns to Microsoft Access Fields you can import excel into access record by record or all at once. A controlled way to do database excel import. Moving row after row through your Excel table(s) you can instantly fill in missing data or alter erroneous data before transferring them to your database.

You obtain data from different sources using mail and Excel attachments. The add-in remembers which file to open (or location where the file can be found) and the mapping of Excel columns onto Access fields. After selecting the settings previously saved you can Start transferring the data into the Access table. A fast solution for multiple excel imports

You already have data in your Access database but you have to add data to a new column which have been delivered to you in Excel. E.g. adding EAN codes. Use the Find to go to the corresponding Access record, followed by Replace.

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