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5 Keys to Business Success Five Excel Add-Ins For Business Success Plus Instructional Workbooks. New Excel add-ins provide ready made solution models for forecasting, business economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning that you can use as Five Keys to Success in business and investing.

Active Data for Excel Active-Data for Excel adds over 100 features for accountants, auditors and fraud detection specialists to Microsoft Excel ™. Your time is money: The time savings and efficiencies you gain means the software can pay for itself in 2 or 3 uses.

Active Data for Office ActiveData For OfficeTM enables you to easily analyze your data beyond the 65,536 row limit of ExcelTM. It provides new levels of control over your information while allowing you the flexibility to view your results within ActiveData For Office itself or within your familiar Microsoft OfficeTM environment..

Advanced Excel Consolidate This Microsoft Excel add-in is designed to help you merge tables and consolidate Microsoft Excel data. In comparison to a standard data consolidation in Microsoft Excel, Advanced Consolidation Manager will allow you to process any number of files per one program run as well as to combine data from different files in one.

Advanced Excel Find Is an add-in that makes search through multiple worksheets and workbooks in Excel easy fast and comfortable. The whole thing takes you just a few seconds and a couple of clicks.

Advanced Excel Select If you ever tried to find cells containing conditional formats, formulas, comments, and such, you would appreciate Advanced Excel Select at its true value. Just two clicks to have the job done! It also introduces a feature useful in fast table formatting: Select by Format.

Analyze Excel Models Model Analyzer for Excel comprises a series of functions to allow you to boost analysis capacity and versatility in your Excel decision making models.

Categorize Excel Data If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet information, then Categorizing Data for Excel is the solution.

Compare Excel Excel Compare is a tool that saves you the trouble of manually searching for differences and offers you computer-aided comparing of Excel files. Excel Compare allows you to compare Excel files, Excel spreadsheets and selected ranges of sheets.

Compare Excel Workbooks is a tool that saves you the trouble of manual search for differences and offers you computer-aided comparing of Excel files. The results of the comparison are represented on a new Excel sheet which displays the added, deleted and changed data.

Compare Excel Files Compare Excel Files is used to find differences in values or formulas between worksheets or Microsoft® Excel files. It is easy to use and clearly reports where and what the differences are: the Analysis Report the Visualization Report.

Compare Spreadsheets For Excel Compare Spreadsheets for Excel is a powerful and convenient tool for comparison of files in Microsoft Excel.

Compare Suite Start analyzing documents using comparison function. The result for file comparison is a text of compared files with highlighted changes. Using Compare Suite you can freely compare plain text files, binary and some popular office file formats, MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), Web-pages (.htm and .html) files, and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. Compare Suite provides you with effective mean to find changed, deleted, new words or whole lines in any document..

Consolidator Enterprise Consolidator Enterprise for Excel is a Microsoft Excel (Excel 97 or above) complement especially created to consolidate a large volume of data in just a few seconds, making it possible to obtain advanced processing reports for an immediate view of the information, to serve as support in the decision making process.

Consolidate Excel Files Excel sheets consolidation with a few clicks. ConsoXL groups the sheets and calculates the total. Optionally it can create the links between the sheets and group them all into one workbook while keeping formulas.
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Consolidator Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Consolidator is an Excel add-in which will allow to consolidate spreadsheet data from one or several sheets from one or many open workbooks, easily and quickly

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Data Cleaner Excel Smart Tools Data Clean is developed for helping users to edit, to correct and to clean spreadsheets, lists and reports importers from ERP (for instance AS400), web sites, and from other software packages. 

Distance Between Zip Codes You can now calculate the distance between addresses stored in Microsoft Excel. Distances are calculated "as the crow flies" (not by actual driving distances) and are provided in miles. You can also get a list of zip codes that lie within a given distance of a target zip code.

Duplication Manager This very handy add-in will make your management of lists and duplicate data in Excel a breeze. It is designed to assist you when you have duplicates in 1 or more lists and/or tables, find duplicates in Excel, manage and find duplications.

Duplicate Remover Remove Duplicates from Excel is designed for searching and processing duplicated cells in Microsoft Excel tables.

Drill Down Tally Drill-Down Tally is the best report writer for any business. Just 3 easy steps: define groups, calculations and details THAT'S IT! It will supercharge your ACT! and MS Excel data files overnight. Gain instant control over your data now with unlimited on-demand reporting. Create reports as summarized or as detailed as you like by any employee. Create reports faster than Crystal Reports.

Xcelential Xcelential is dashboard software that posts the key contents of your current Excel spreadsheets on a dashboard. That’s right. Cells and charts from the many spreadsheets you create, receive, or work with today. They go right on to the dashboards– no modifications to the Excel spreadsheets necessary.

Excel Compare Excel Compare saves you the trouble of manually searching for differences in Excel columns and offers you computer-aided comparing of Excel files. It does two types of excel comparison...

Excel Class .NET Excel Class is a powerful .NET component with over two hundred useful functions to assist in exchanging data between Excel and .NET applications and much more!

Excel Model Builder With Excel Model Builder you can perform fast and accurately repetitive and time consuming tasks, such as transposing linked formulas, if formulas, consolidating sheets, swapping data, etc. Excel Model Builder will allow you to audit, understand and analyze any model easily: visualize spreadsheet maps, manage internal or external links, manage names, track references, analyze trend charts, and more... Moreover, Excel Model Builder will help you organize and document your models and favorite routines or templates.

Excel Model Analyzer Model Analyzer for Excel is a tool you can use to analyze multiple scenarios for a number of selected variables of your model, as well as to perform sensitivity analysis.

Excel Print Data Excel Print Data helps you view, print out, extract your data-sheet records, on standard or personalized reports within Excel. A ready to use method will enable you to print one or several rows in a standard vertical page, in just one click after installing the add-in.

Excel Resource Manager Resource Manager is the only low-cost, planning and scheduling solution that works for all manufacturing enterprises. Resource Manager for Excel (RM-X) RM-X is an add-on to Excel (version 97 and greater) and is designed for single concurrent users who are familiar with Excel.

Excel Explorer Excel Explorer is a new utility for quick and easy managing excel files. Using Excel Explorer you can view, move, delete or rename excel files even without Excel on your pc.

Excel Everywhere HTML Put Microsoft Excel on the internet or company intranet.

Excel Everywhere ASP & ASP.NET

Excel Everywhere Java/JSP

Excel Fusion If you work with electronic worksheets, you often need to merge several worksheets into one. For example, when you have to compare price lists from different suppliers providing the same goods or put together information from several small worksheets into a big one.

Excel Import Contacts EE Import Contacts is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows users to import Outlook contact folders directly into Excel. From userforms, users can determine which fields are imported, and also can edit the Outlook contacts prior to import.

Excel Spreadsheet Auditor Excel Spreadsheet Auditor an Excel add-in which enables you to view formulas in a different, friendlier manner. Excel Spreadsheet Auditor shows all origin links which may exist between formulas of a selected range. Also it shows any and all dependence links which may exist between formulas of a selected range.

Excel Sensitivity Analyzer Excel Sensitivity Analyzer is a tool which is powerful and simple to use, since, with Excel Sensitivity Analyzer you will be able to perform sensitivity analyses on your Excel models, obtaining results through three possibilities: tornado analysis, spider analysis and sensitivity tables.

Excel Short Cuts Short Cuts is a Microsoft Excel Add-Inn which enables you to access your favorite Excel files from a customizable drop-down menu.

Excel Smart Tools Auditor Excel Smart Tools Auditor, was developed to help Microsoft Excel users audit and check spreadsheets models. Many studies reports that spreadsheet errors are the rule, and for many spreadsheet models, Microsoft Excel Audit tools are not enough.

Excel Suite ExcelSuite provides a bunch of useful features for you to process Excel worksheets across workbooks

Excel Table Tools Essential tools for data analysis and tables management for novice and advanced Excel's users. A set of tools that will strengthen your Microsoft Excel to manage data bases and huge tables in your spreadsheets.

Excel Workbooks Splitter Excel Workbook Splitter is a powerful, friendly and easy-to-use Excel tool to split multi-sheet excel files into single sheet excel files with high speed. This excel tool changes the complicated ,duplicate and boring excel works into easy ones.

Excel Utility Pro Generic add-in designed to ease your work while using Microsoft Excel.

Fix Broken Links For Excel Fix Broken Links for Excel will help you to find and fix broken links in Microsoft Excel linked files.

Formula Manager The Formula Manager is designed to make the managing of all formulas in Excel a breeze.

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