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Excel Data Clean


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Edit, Correct and Clean Spreadsheets After Importing

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Excel Smart Tools Data Clean is developed for helping users to edit, to correct and to clean spreadsheets, lists and reports importers from ERP (for instance AS400), web sites, and from other software packages. 

For the Microsoft Excel normal user, the major commands available allows to: 

  • Correct formulas that return errors, as for instance the division for zero 
  • Verify that all the cells are of the same type of data (for instance, dates, formulas, labels) 
  • Convert text for upper letters, lower cases

For users that work with imported reports from ERP ( like AS400) , the most important commands allows, besides mentioned previously: 

  • To eliminate spaces in excess, 
  • To correct negative values (125 -) for the correct value in Microsoft Excel -125 
  • To convert Numeric Text for numbers, that can be used by mathematical functions in the spreadsheet 
  • To convert thousands and decimal separator for the separators used by the spreadsheet (and configured in the Control Panel) 
  • To convert imported dates to the format of dates used by the spreadsheet 

For users of lists, the key commands allow, besides mentioned previously: 

  • To edit and to correct values of lists, allowing correcting several values simultaneously 
  • To extract a sampling of the data, using three methods different from samplings
  • Shade the list

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