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 Microsoft Excel Workbook File Compare Add-in


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What is New In Excel Compare

* Uses the high-speed Direct Write technology for generating a report;

* Allows the user to create a new project using the New Project Wizard;

 * Allows comparison of sheets that contain a database structure or unique identifiers (primary keys);

* Allows the user to select a range and columns interactively;

* Improved high speed comparison algorithm for the data not containing unique identifiers;

* Allows the user to customize report subtitles (the red output messages earlier): subtitle text, font, color, sizing;

* Allows compared sheets to be replicated in a new report workbook;

 * Allows entry of a column name or a row number for the coordinates of range;

* Extended the information report header;

* Associates Excel Compare with Excel Compare Project file (.ECP);

 * Multilingual interface;

* Bug fixed: The program failed to work, causing an error "is not a valid integer value";

* Bug fixed: The program failed to work, if a compared worksheet are protected, causing an error "Unable to set the Hidden property of the Range class";

* Bug fixed: The program failed to work, if one Excel sheet is not a worksheet, causing an error 'Sheet "name" not found.';

* Changed: The Options dialog box are divided into Project Options (Menu:Project|Project Options...) and Environment Options (Menu:Tools|Environment Options...).

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