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Affordable and Easy Way To Share PDF or HTMLclick to convert

Click to Convert provides a quick, easy and affordable way to create and share PDF or HTML files from virtually any document or application. Click to Convert allows businesses or users to easily create high quality PDF or HTML from entire folders of documents in a single step.

Quick Features & Benefits Overview

Unique Click to Convert Features

  • Creates PDFs and/or HTML files
  • Batch publishing
  • Microsoft Office integration

PDF Features at a Glance

  • Does not require Adobe Acrobat
  • Security and document protection
  • MS Office bookmark and link extraction
  • PDF compression
  • Watermarks
  • Font embedding
  • Font subsets support
  • Automatically e-mail PDFs

HTML Features at a Glance

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Automatically upload to websites
  • MS Office bookmark and link extraction
  • Automatic table of contents
  • 100% Printable (either HTML o
  • HTML Templates
  • Searchable

Click to Convert Features

Ease of Use: Click to Convert is very easy to use and eliminates the learning curve so often associated with new software.  Click to Convert operates in these modes:

  1. Microsoft Office Integration - Click to Convert adds toolbars and menus to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing users true one-click PDF and HTML file creation.  Click to Convert retains document structure including hyperlinks, bookmarks, document meta-information and PowerPoint slide titles.
  2. Batch Processing - Click to Convert supports true batch processing of documents into PDF and HTML. Simply drag a group of files onto the Click to Convert window to publish them.
  3. Virtual Printer - Click to Convert installs a virtual printer to your Windows system so that you can create PDF and HTML files from any application simply by printing to the Click to Convert printer.

Create PDF and HTML Files: Click to Convert can create PDF and HTML files from virtually any document or application. This allows users can use the best format for their distribution requirements.  PDF is the defacto standard for sharing documents and is especially good for creating documents with sensitive information or documents for printing, e-mailing and distribution. HTML is especially good for making documents web-ready and allowing users to quickly view documentation online whilst still providing links to PDF versions for downloading and printing.

Batch Publishing: Click to Convert supports true batch processing of documents into PDF and HTML. Simply drag groups of files onto the Click to Convert window to publish them simultaneously.

Microsoft Office Integration: Click to Convert adds toolbars and menus to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing users true one-click PDF and HTML file creation. This allows users to work in their familiar applications while still having access to one-click creation and sharing of PDF or HTML files.

Complete PDF and HTML Linking: PDF and HTML files created from Microsoft Office documents retain document structure including hyperlinks, document cross-links, bookmarks, document meta-information (author, title, subject, keywords) and PowerPoint slide titles.

One-Click E-mailing or Uploading of Files: Once your PDF files have been created automatically e-mail them to selected users with a single click. For your HTML and PDF files, Click to Convert allows you to automatically upload them to your Intranet or web server so you can instantly share them.

Simple Installation and Deployment: Click to Convert is a small (just under 5MB) install that requires just a couple of clicks to install on any Windows platform.  Administrators installing on Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003 are given the choice to install for all users or a selected group of users.

Low Cost per Seat: Click to Convert is licensed per machine at a standard retail of US$99 which includes 12-months of online and e-mail technical support.  Competitive discounts are available for 2 or more licenses including our corporate licensing scheme which gives departments or corporations a cost effective way of providing PDF and HTML publishing capabilities to their entire user base.

PDF Features

PDF Security and Document Protection: Full 40bit and 128bit encryption and password protection of your PDF files is supported by Click to Convert as well as the ability to specify if users can copy text, print or modify the document.

Customizable PDF Compression: Click to Convert creates highly compressed PDF files optimized for screen and web viewing. Our compression technology is amongst the best there is so you can be guaranteed your PDF files will be the smallest possible files size for quick and easy sharing.

PDF Watermarks: Easily add custom stamps or watermarks to pages within your PDF files (for example an “Approved” watermark).  Click to Convert gives you complete control to specify the watermark text as well as font face, size and color to use for the watermarks.

Automatic PDF Font Embedding: Click to Convert provides your several options to control how fonts are embedded within your PDF files.  By default, Click to Convert will only embed the non-standard fonts used within your document so that your users are guaranteed to be able to view them.  Additionally, you can choose to embed all fonts used within your document, only the TrueType fonts used or only the TrueType symbol fonts. Click to Convert also allows you to control which fonts are never embedded.

Font Subsets: Click to Convert only embeds the subset of the fonts used within your document - effectively only embedding the symbols and characters you have used instead of embedding the entire font. This can cause your PDF files to be significantly smaller without losing any quality.

Adobe Acrobat 3, 4, 5 and 6 Compatible: PDF files created using Click to Convert and fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat and can be read by virtually everyone.

HTML Features

Provide HTML Files as well as PDF Files: Click to Convert creates HTML as well as PDF files from virtually any document or application. This allows users to create HTML for online display with a web browser and PDF files for sharing and distribution. Users can use the best format for their distribution requirements.

Automatically Link to PDF: Easily allow viewers to download or print your web pages by providing automatically providing a link to the PDF file.

Automatic Table of Contents Building: Automatically create a professional-looking table of contents using one of three methods including retaining the Table’s of Contents and Bookmarks in Microsoft Word documents.

Cross-Browser Compatible: HTML files produced with Click to Convert are completely cross-browser compatible - removing the need for any additional changes by the user. Users viewing your HTML files will see the same results regardless of which browser or computer system they are using.

Website Templates: Make the documents that you publish into HTML look like the rest of your website or intranet using templates. This advanced feature gives you a smoother integration than ever before.

Search Ready HTML: Search Engine ready web pages are produced including document meta-information from Microsoft Office documents.

Printable HTML: Automatically provide a PDF or HTML-printable version of documents for users to print or download.

Click to Convert $89.00 Purchases MUST be made via this site for special below .

Number of licenses/units Individual price
1-1 USD: 89.00
2-9 USD: 80.00
10-49 USD: 72.00
50-249 USD: 65.00
250-499 USD: 58.00
500-999 USD: 51.00
1000-1999 USD: 40.00
2000-2999 USD: 30.00
3000-4999 USD: 23.00
5000-9999 USD: 18.00
10000-9999 USD: 15.00

Special ! Free Choice of Complete Excel Training Course OR Excel Add-ins Collection on all purchases totaling over $70.00. ALL purchases totaling over $150.00 gets you BOTH! Purchases MUST be made via this site. Send payment proof to [email protected] 31 days after purchase date.

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