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Calendar Scheduling Software - Server


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Calendar & Planner Scheduling Software Client/Server Edition

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Need to manage each staff's time arrangement? Need to be able to track each time-consuming resources' precious time? Need to find an exchange alternative to setup enterprise shared calendars/schedules? Then tag into Multi-Calendar C/S Edition! The real and effective enterprise calendar/schedule solution on the market.

Calendar Scheduling Software Details

Want to setup company's own scheduling and calendar system? Need to have a group calendar software? Want it to be network able? Want it to be based on user permission? Want it to be able to synchronize with Palm and Windows Pocket PC? Want it to be able to access through Internet with a static IP on the server? See details below.

Network able calendar software

Multi Calendar Client/Server Edition is a set of net workable calendar software. Multiple users can use multiple PC to input/view/edit calendar events from a shared server. Either Peer-to-Peer network or Client/Server network, Multi Calendar Client/Server Edition can always shines its point.

Authentication and Permission control

you can control which user can view which resource's calendar and task. The permission can have view only, edit, etc.

Connect to the calendar server through Internet

If you have a static IP Address binding on the server machine which has been installed with Multi Calendar Client/Server Edition Server, you will be able to connect to the server through Internet! We recommend you use a DSL/ADSL or Cable modem to connect to the server if you are connecting to it through Internet to get the best performance.

Synchronizations with Palm Unit and Pocket PC Unit

Powerful plug-ins make you able to do two-way synchronizations with both Palm Unit and Pocket PC unit. Able to set synchronization events time range, able to set target/source resource.

Easy Transfer from Microsoft Outlook

Outlook data import plug-in makes you easily transfer all of your appointments from Microsoft Outlook to Multi-Calendar. Import data from Microsoft Outlook (support Outlook 97, Outlook 2000, Outlook Xp) to Multi-Calendar Database cannot be easier.

Print Day View, Workday View, Week View, Month View calendar and task

You can print either the selected resource's report or all-visible resources report. For the selected resource's report, there are six different reports available. Almost all kinds of arrangements of calendar/task/multi-months are available.

Drag&Drop to schedule events in the same resource or among the different resources

Want to schedule a task which has been on the task list as an appointment? No problem, just drag and drop the task from the task list on the calendar and done!


Take a look at the statistics and print a detailed statistics for each event types for any resource.

Flexibility and Customization

Customizable event types (appt, To-Do, Call, Meeting, Writing, etc) and customizable event categories (Important, Business, Personal, Vacation, Must Attend, Travel Required, Needs Preparation, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)

2 Common Questions

What's MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition?

A network-able scheduling software suitable for any time-consuming resources. In MultiCalendar, any time-consuming entity, such as staff, vehicle, room can be a resource and has its own independent calendar/task list.

License and Upgrades

Multi Calendar Client/Server Edition's price is determined by the following factor: The is  maximum resource number* each client can manage. In order to meet your requirements and budget, we have six different license packs available. So please choose the best suitable license pack for your business. For upgrades, you will have free updates until next major version. I.e. if you buy version 1.1, you will have free updates until version 1.9.9 is reached. And if a major version released within the first year after you purchase, you can also get this major version upgrade free.

*What is resource in MultiCalendar?
Any time-consuming entity, such as staff, meeting room, vehicle, tool, etc can be a resource in MultiCalendar and has its own calendar/task list. MultiCalendar is named because of its' capability of managing multiple resources.

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See Screen Shots

Main Window -Client
Event Editor Windows -Client
Task Editor Window -Client
Recurrence Editor -Client
Reminder -Client
Calendar Preview -Client
Category Management -Client
Type Management -Client
Icon Library -Client
Event Template Management -Client
Searching -Client
Database Management Tools Main Window -Server
User Management Tools -Server

MultiCalendar Client/Server Editions

Important Notes:

* Max resources means how many resources you can manage maximally. For example, if you choose unlimited resources, it means you can manage unlimited resources on the client side computer which is installed with that license.

Any time-consuming entity, such as staff, meeting room, vehicle can be a resource in MultiCalendar and has its independent calendar/task list.

All registered users will get free upgrade till next major release. If next major release appears within one year after your purchase, you can upgrade to this major release free of charge


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