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Quick Five/Ten Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios


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Business Financial Plan: Excel Templates

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios: Business Financial Plans

Business Financial Plans

Your plans generate monthly balance sheets, adjust receivables, payables and inventory levels in the Average Days adjustment table. Fill in any balances specific to your business.

FREE GIVEAWAY Ten year financial plan - quick preparation. The extra ten year financial plan provides you with templates to enter (and vary) all yearly forecasting assumptions (prices, cost of sales, asset purchases, working capital, loans). The budget planner spreadsheet helps you create a detailed ten year unit volumes, sales and expenses forecast. The Summary page consolidates the ten year plan into Unit sales, Revenues, Cost of sales, Company expenses, EBITDA, Pre and post tax income, operating cash flows and closing cash balances. If you need to incorporate loans into your plan, FastPlan (10 years) calculates all repayments and yearly closing balances and inserts these plus interest charges into the plan forecast.

The download file contains the five years and ten years plans plus demo tutorials for both.

Includes Cash Flow Forecasting-Calc PRO and Profit/Loss Master Budgeting PRO "I have a small Start -up technology related business ($500K$2MM in revenues), and just got yelled at by my banker for our lousy looking 3-yr income statement forecast, with non-matching balance sheet and no cash flow statement! Which of your products should I purchase? Is this right for me? Regards John."

YES! Our new version of Fast-Plan  provides month by month budgets that produce your profit & loss income statement forecasts, balance sheet forecasts, cash flows, monthly bank covenant balance forecasts and the key financial ratios.

15 integrated financial spreadsheets provide quick neat presentations to give your bank or investors. All figures match and balance automatically. 3.25MB file.

No previous accounting knowledge is required. Easy to follow tutorial version provided.

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios provides:

  • Monthly p/l budgets with varying cos % 3 years.
  • Generates monthly income statement forecasts 3 years.
  • Generates monthly balance sheet forecasts 3 years.
  • Generates monthly cash flow forecasts 3 years.
  • Generates monthly bank/loan covenant balance forecasts 3 years.
  • Generates monthly financial ratios* 3 years.

* Financial ratios: Monthly ROA ROI ROIC Current ratio, Quick Ratio, Debt Ratios, Interest Cover, Fixed Asset Ratio.

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios Also has:

  • Equity financing monthly plan 3 years.
  • Annual Capital purchase plan with option to switch between MACRS or straight line depreciation calculations.
  • Bank covenant monthly balance forecasting 3 years.
  • A demo program that shows you how to prepare your plan.

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