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Advanced Find & Replace for Microsoft Excel


Excel Add-In That Searches Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

BUY Advanced Excel Find & Replace <See Also: Multi Excel File Replace>

For Microsoft Excel 2000 and above

Advanced Find & Replace for Microsoft Excel is a time-saving add-in that makes search through multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks easy, fast and comfortable.

Advanced Find & Replace for Microsoft Excel makes possible carrying out a simultaneous search in Microsoft Excel values, formulas, comments and hyperlinks.

With this handy add-in for Microsoft Excel you don't have to click "Find Next" time and again. Have you ever tried to calculate the time wasted on this? Advanced Find & Replace visually displays all found items and reduces the number of clicks to one and the search time to a second.

What you will get with Find & Replace for Microsoft Excel:
In addition to features of Microsoft Excel's built-in Find you will also get:

Search in All or selected workbooks and worksheets.
The Find & Replace add-in visually displays all opened Microsoft Excel workbooks and its sheets as a tree view so that you can easily select and search in all workbooks and lists or in selected ones only. You can also find and replace in the currently selected range (columns or rows).

Search in values, formulas, hyperlinks and comments
You can search simultaneously in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for values, formulas, hyperlinks and comments.

You have ALL results in front of your eyes
If you have ever searched in Acrobat Reader, you will certainly appreciate their comfortable manner of representing search results. With Advanced Find & Replace you will get the same. The add-in displays all search results in a pane in the left part of the screen next to your Microsoft Excel workbook.

You can easily set the width of the search results pane. Just place the cursor on the right border of the pane (the cursor takes the look of "horizontal resize", press the left button of the mouse, and drag the border into any position you like).

Easy navigation in search results
Just click on the found entry, and the Microsoft Excel cursor will move to the cell containing this data. You will immediately see where exactly the found data is located.

Replace all or selected search results
You can select some of the found items and replace in these results only, or replace all results at once.

Show / hide the add-in easily
You use the standard hotkey, Ctrl+F, to show / hide the search results pane.

Advanced Find & Replace for Microsoft Excel $29.95 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 - 5 Licenses $29.95 USD
6 - 10 Licenses $26.95 USD
11 - 30 Licenses $23.95 USD
31+ Licenses $19.95 USD

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