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Some Responses From Our Clients

Hello Dave -

Before anything else, let me stop and pause for breath. It occurred to Chris and me today that, because you're on the other side of the globe and not the other side of the room, you never getto hear the "oooohs" and "aaaahs" as we relish the latest improvements you've made to our program (today, in fact, set a new indoor record for such exclamations). We've been focusing ourmessages on what needs to be changed or fixed without ever conveying how delighted we are withthe work you've done and with the speed at which you're turning all this around.

Best Regards,
Frank J. Gallinelli
RealDataź Inc

Dave and Raina,

I just wanted to thank both of you for the Excel trainingyou have given me. It has more than paid off. I can hardly wait toStart the VBA training! Your knowledge of Excel still amazes me. I haverecommended this course(and will continue to do so) to anyone who uses orintends to use Excel.

Please keep up the awesome work you do!!! Not to soundcorny but, "You guys are EXCELlent!!!"

Edward C. Slaski
Senior Cost Comparison Estimator
Victaulic Company of America

Dear Mr Dave Hawley

I am extremely grateful for your help with my project, and wish to thank you to my upmost gratitude. I will be submitting my project to my to course representative in the early hours of Tuesday morning and with all the luck I hope to achieve a outstanding result thanks to your great experirence and knowledge in Excel; I guess your slogan "If it's Excel, then it's us!" truly is what it sais.

Again I must thank you kindly for your help.

Kind Regards
Arkan Khedair London U.K

Hello Dave,

I am currently doing the Excel VBA Level I course offered at yourwebsite and I would like to congratulate you for having designed the coursein such an excellent manner. Dave, I find that your lessons are very wellwritten with numerous meaningful examples covering some important topics inExcel VBA. These lessons provide me the skills needed to understand thefundamentals of VBA and further expand my knowledge of VBA. I enjoy doingthe exercises given in the lessons and whenever I have a problem with them,I get immediate and excellent feedback from you explaining to me the bestway to tackle them. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend yourcourses to anyone who would like to benefit from your knowledge andexperience in Excel.

Kind Regards

Pankaja Narayanan
Educational Testing Service

To whom it may concern

I have undertaken an email based VBA training course to further expand my VBA knowledge,I would be an intermediate VBA user (don't know if Dave would say that though!) and amfinding his email lessons invaluable. Dave established what level I was at and custom madehis lessons to suit. Some of the first lessons on the face of it I thought were too basicbut realised that the way that I was doing it was incorrect, too long or too time consuming.The lessons are well formatted and understandable. Importantly for me, I find that if I havea problem with VBA, I can email off a question and get a reply very promptly either fixing theproblem or explaining how to deal with it.

In other words, I can endorse Ozgrid wholeheartedly.

Peter Carston
General Manager
Mercure Hotel Geelong


for taking the time to follow up and make sure everything is running right.

Outstanding solution to a complex problem.

Greg Stumbo

Hi David,

The project has been received as a great success from all levels ofmanagement. This definitely could not have been accomplished without yourwilling support.

Hopefully, I will be able to "Share the knowledge" with others as you sograciously shared your expertise with me.

Thanks again.
A Friend from Kansas.


I tried the code. It works beautifully. I am enchanted. Thank you very much.


Thanks so much Mr Hawley

...your solution did the trick. I did go to your web site and because it is chock full of useful tips, it has earned a "Favorite Places" status on my PC!!

Thanks again.
Tom Urtis

Thanks again Dave,

your information has been extrememly helpful and enlightening. All of us greatly appreciate your generous assistance and offering of opinions. I hope some day I learn enough VBA to be qualified to help you in return!!!

Continued success and good luck to you with your OzGrid business.

Best Regards,


Two lines of code costs me a nights sleep...but if I have yourattention...Thank YOU.

Jim Spencer


Just a quick note to say a big thank you for providing free Excel downloadson your webite, most informative. My Excel knowledge is growing day by daythanks to you & friends at




I just had to stop and send this back telling you how great this web siteand all the work you do, is. I've told everyone I could about your web siteand brag all the time how helpful it is to have. Your information is easyto follow and is very helpful for everyday use.

Keep up the wonderful work you do!!


Donna DiNapoli

Dave Hawley

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