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Filter Assistant for Microsoft Excel $24.95 Payment Problems?

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The Filter Assistantfor Microsoft Excel makes filtering data easy! And, it eliminates many of the annoying features of Excel's data filter feature. With the Filter Assistant™, all you do to filter data is to select the cells containing the values you want filtered and just click on the button on the Filter Assistant™ toolbar. Instantly, your data is filtered so that only those matching rows are displayed!

You can filter multiple columns at a time.  Just click on the first cell whose value will be used as a filter.  Then, hold the Control key down and click on other cells in other columns.  When you then click on the Filter Assistant toolbar button, all the columns are filtered based on the cells you selected!

One of the nice features of the Filter Assistant is that the screen does not "jump" when you filter it.

Another very useful feature is the "Un-filter" capability of the Filter Assistant™.  If you select a cell in filtered column and click on the Filter Assistant™ button, the column will be un-filtered.  And, if you select a cell in the top row of an un-filtered column and click the button, this turns off data filtering.