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Excel Based Financial Software & Stand-alone Financial Software

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NEW! Barcode Ready Financial Accounting Software Barcode Ready Financial Accounting Software (Enterprise Edition) is fully capable to maintain all Company Financial accounting, Bookkeeping, Billing, and Inventory information, everything at one place with barcode support. Maintains your business accounting details and provide accurate information without any complicated results in the easiest way.

123-Project Easy-to-use and inexpensive financial software to track multiple projects. You can focus on schedules with a list-oriented entry method that tracks Start and end dates and durations. A Timeline or "Gantt Chart" presents the projects against a Calendar.

Better Finances 2010 This page provides you with our special Monthly Plan purchase option for our three web office programs in our Web Office Suite Pro collection. Better Finances 2010 web office for advanced loan management. Stores up to 50 current loan accounts. You can add up to 50 members to share your web software.

Accounts & Inventory Management Software SoftTrader is a complete accounts and inventory management software. Accounting majors learn how to gather, record, analyze, interpret, and communicate information about an individual's or organization's financial performance and risks. At only $10.95 you can't go wrong!

Account Pro & Account Pro Lite Account Pro is capable of networking (up to 3 concurrent users), has multi-currency functionality, the ability to work with cost centers and projects, and it has a function for automatic entry of tax and discount transactions.

Accounting Management Software Financial software that is simple, easy to use personal accounting for every home. Takes the pain out of everyday household banking, account management & administration. No household should be without Ezy Personal Accounting 3000.

Amortization Tables Mortgage and Amortization Software includes easy to use Amortization tables and Amortization Schedules that allow any interest rate, payment and compounding frequency, including accelerated payments. Includes many reports including annual summaries. See before and after comparisons of your changes. Data file backup and integrated field level popup calculator also included.

Amortization Calculations Mortgage and loan software includes the powerful Amortization Schedules Plus! feature that allows you to override, skip or add any number of payments. Includes 14 different Day Count Conventions including 30/360 and Actual/Actual, plus many different Payment Types including Normal, Continually Adjusting Payments, Fixed Principal plus Interest and Interest Only.

Amortization Schedules & Interest Fast-Solutions Amortization Schedules & Interest Calculations. US monthly compounding and Canadian semi-annual compounding amortization software.

Analytical Spreadsheets This powerful Excel pack has analytical spreadsheets designed to solve problems that help in critical business decisions. The Analysis pack includes: Business Planner Loan Amortization Schedule, Advertising Planner, Breakeven Analysis, Sales Forecaster, Materials Card, Health Insurance Analysis, Bonus Schedule, Executive Calendar, Insurance Asset Log, Stock Investor, and Retirement Portfolio.

Anodizing & Plating Estimate Software Software which helps plating and anodizing companies more accurately estimate their material costs when quoting jobs. The user enters the basic cost of the minimum thickness layer per square unit of area, and fixed and variable cost multipliers.

Forecaster is a forecasting tool with a Wizard-like interface that lets you exploit the power of neural networks technology with an extremely easy-to-use interface.

Neuro Intelligence Neuro Intelligence is neural network software designed to assist experts in solving real-world problems. Aimed at solution of real-world problems, Neuro Intelligence features only proven algorithms and techniques, is fast and easy-to-use.

Analyzer Excel Technical Analysis is a library of Technical Analysis studies for Microsoft Excel. The library is furnished with an Add-In Manager that greatly enhances the convenience of using AnalyzerXL.

Appreciation Calculator A feature-rich mortgage amortization program with a polished user interface.

Asset Register Pro Asset Register PRO for Excel supplies nine asset registers plus YTD depreciation reports for fixed, intangible and investment assets, updating and reporting depreciation calculations and book values at each month end.

Automotive Software AutoSoft Online is an Automotive Software and Computer System specifically designed for the administration of Auto Repair Shops. This Automotive Software is currently submitted to a constant process of revision and update in order to comply with the market’s needs. Autosoft Online strives to incorporate the best practices and newest technologies into its programs so we can make available the required functionality for you to control and administer your business in the most effective way possible.

Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is a complete home budget management system designed especially for households and persons whose primary source of income is hourly wages.

Balance Sheets Instant Balance Sheets creates 12 monthly balance sheets which always balance, as well as automating production of 12 month profit & loss schedules and cash flows (source and application of funds) Starting with a simple revenue and expense template. Ideal for transforming monthly profit and loss forecasts into monthly and year end balance sheets and cash flows.

Barcodes Fonts, Hardware, DLL and MORE!

NEW! Barcode Ready Financial Accounting Software Barcode Ready Financial Accounting Software (Enterprise Edition) is fully capable to maintain all Company Financial accounting, Bookkeeping, Billing, and Inventory information, everything at one place with barcode support. Maintains your business accounting details and provide accurate information without any complicated results in the easiest way.

Bookkeeping Software Designed for business owners, not accountants, Basic Bookkeeping (BBK) makes bookkeeping quick, easy and affordable. Unlike double entry systems, BBK's single entry method is intuitive. If you have used "Dome" books, you will be right at home with BBK.

Bookkeeping Software Personal Financial Family bookkeeping program which helps your family feel the pulse of household running. You are always aware of what you spend your money on and when. It shows the family's income and where the money flows. Displays periods of excessive expenses, views and prints colored circle diagrams of activities, plans frequent income and expense operations with automatic entry.

Billing Tracker Time billing software for service industry professionals. For lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other professionals who bill for their time and services.

Budget Forecast Software Includes: 12-Month Budget Template (Planned, Actual, and Variance analysis) Monthly & Annual Analysis Income Allocation Analysis Expense Distribution Analysis Net Worth Calculator Debt-To-Income Ratio Debt-To-Asset Ratio Basic Liquidity Life Insurance Needs Retirement Needs Chart Tools Included: Monthly & Yearly Income Allocation Chart Monthly & Yearly Expense Allocation Chart.

Business Financial Plans Monthly budgeting - balance sheets - income statement forecasts - cash flows - bank covenant ratio calculations.

Business Plans FastPlan This Software offers an easy way to create a personalized business plan for your new or existing business. The Business Plan Fast Plan includes the most-needed plan sections, each of which provides valuable tips on what to include for maximum impact.

Business Trouble-shooter Great for small business owners, investors, business students, MBAs, financial professionals, business analysts, etc. The Business Trouble-shooter FastAnswer focuses on five key areas of operating and financial risk - so that you can control them before they become problems.

Business Transaction Management Software Quick Business Manager Pro is Business Transaction Management Software. Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Employees and Payroll, and Reports.

Business Valuation Model The Business Valuation Model Excel combines relative indicators for future performance with basic financial data (Revenue, Variable and Fixed Costs) to value the business.

Budget Compiler QuickBooks/Excel The Budget Compiler will apply and format your Profit and Loss data from QuickBooks. Using this information it will compile a flexible Excel Profit and Loss report allowing you to select the amount of detail displayed and use the data for performance review and budget formulation.

Budget Tool Business Excel The Budget Tool Business has been designed to streamline the budgeting task for any existing or new business.

Business Valuation Model Excel The Business Valuation Model combines relative indicators for future performance with basic financial data (Revenue, Variable, and Fixed Costs) to value the business. This valuation method can be used for business purchase, sale, or establishment.

Basic Bookkeeping Designed for business owners, not accountants, Basic Bookkeeping (BBK) makes bookkeeping quick, easy and affordable.

Budget Pro Budget Pro is an excellent program designed in Excel. It allows you to track your daily financial transactions.

Business Plan Creator Do you have a strong business idea? Deliver it in a professional format, and present your venture to investors with the Business Plan Creator Template.

Car Expense Software Keep track of your car's consumables, costs, fuel and much more, with this new software product. Car Expense Tracker, is an easy to use, full featured software, that will allow you to keep track of all aspects of your car/vehicle/boat/etc. Never miss changing your oil or other consumables on time! Car Expense Tracker will track and inform you of everything, on time ... every time.

Car/Vehicle Trip Report Management Software Keep track of Motor homes, Trucks, Trailers, Automobiles, Classic Cars, Boats, Construction, Farming and Fleets

Check to Check Check2Check allows you to take control of your finances by showing you where your money is going but, more importantly, lets you plan your finances months ahead.

Check Money A smart money and expense tracking application on your Palm, Handspring, Sony Clie and other Palm OS based handhelds! A complete money management software, you do not need your desktop package but if you still wish to keep your Quicken or Money we got the interface.

Claymore Time Sheet The Claymore Time Sheets system allows you to manage your employee's time.  Each hour can be accounted for and billed appropriately.  The system ties in with the Claymore Card Filer to let you enter a specific client to be billed.

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