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Amateur Invest, FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!


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Amateur Invest. Portfolio Investment Manager - Free current stock prices via the internet

Click on a FAQ here or scroll down the page:

  1. Why should I choose Amateur Invest?
  2. What is the user id and password at the beginning of Amateur Invest?
  3. Why doesn't the automatic real time stock price update via Yahoo work?
  4. How do I set up automatic price updates on my own?
  5. Where does the name Amateur Invest come from?
  6. Is the program available in other languages?

Q: Why should I choose Amateur Invest?

A: It is correct, that there are many internet sites, where you can store your portfolio online. Stock prices are updated, etc. But ... Which information does the internet site then have about you and your private economy? Amateur Invest can also compare to other similar sites and programs, because:

  • You keep your investments private! - No internet site knows about you personal finances.
  • The program is easy to use.
  • You get free quotes via the internet in almost real time.
    • Quotes from many countries, including US, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand - and many more...
    • Updates the value of your portfolio
    • Updates the value of all stocks.
  • You can track the value of your investments, also in different currencies.
  • You have more graph's, charts, reports, alarms and analysis' at your disposal.
  • You get a better foundation for making your investments.
  • You can also track your bank accounts, and do budgeting.
  • It is inexpensive, reliable, gets updated often, etc...

Q: What is the user id  and password in the beginning of Amateur Invest?

A: Both user id  and password is: MANAGER written in all upper case. These codes can be changed by registered users. The access codes gives a certain amount of security, so that no one else can see your private economy.

Q: Why doesn't the automatic real-time stock price update via Yahoo work?

A: It does. But once in a while, the Yahoo site is under maintenance, and thus is not accessible, and once in a while they change things around. You can check the first problem, by trying to access the different Yahoo stock sites, that are mentioned in the admin page, under "internet site 2". The second problem, you'll have to check for here on this page.

Yahoo sometimes change the price setup. When this happen, you can use the "U" (update) button on the "Amin. page" in Amateur Invest, or download a new "inv_set.ini" file, and replace the one that is currently residing in the Amateur Invest data folder.

Also you have to make sure, that the codes entered in the "import id" field in the company database is absolutely correct.

Q: How do I set up automatic price updates on my own?

A: This is somewhat explained in the program help texts. An example is also provided. You find the help pages, by pushing the F1 key, in the program. You can also follow this example:

  1. Create a company in the Company database.
  2. In the field: "ID Import", a code from a price provider (Yahoo) has to be entered.
  3. The code can be found in each "national" Yahoo, eg. in this example:
  4. Go into the "finance" part of Yahoo. This actually brings you to:
  5. From there you can do symbol lookups. Eg. a symbol lookup on Qantas, reveals the code: QAN.AX - So that code is entered into Amateur Invest.

If you do the same for other companies, you'll be able to use the import facility for more Australian companies.

If you use the same technique, you can also do the same with all other national Yahoo's, in many countries around the world - like the US: , the UK: , the Danish: , and many more (look in the bottom of the main Yahoo opening screen for more national Yahoo's).

Q: Where does the name Amateur Invest come from?

A: I have to thank my father in law for that name. He is quite the typical investor. Now in his mid fifties. In the later years he has bought and sold a lot of stocks. And made a good profit. He follows the prices in the newspapers. He is also good at catchy names. The name "Investing for Dummies", underestimates the ordinary people that like to use their savings actively. The more appropriate word Amateur Investor, signals the individuals who does not sit all day, and does nothing but trade. So Amateur Invest is an easy to use program for those who wish to keep track of their own investments, made from their own hard earned money.

Q: Is the program available in other languages?

A: The program is available in English and Danish at the moment. The program is made to be easy to translate into other languages. There is a language file, for the messages that pops up in the program. That file is distributed with the program, and makes it possible somewhat to use different languages. There are other files for all the interface elements and help texts.

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