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Amateur Invest for Stock Market Investing


Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

General Introduction to Amateur Invest! - Keep your investments private! - And invest like a Pro...

Amateur Invest. - Invest like a Pro... Let no internet site know your private economy. - Keep your investments private! Manage all your personal finances in one program. Features include: - Portfolio/Investment Manager - Free current stock prices via the internet - Historic Stock Prices - Scrolling Stock Ticker - Investment Advisor - Technical Analysis - Stock/Company data - Full Bank section including budgeting - Graphs, reports and much more! Why Amateur Invest?

  • You keep your investments private! - No internet site knows about you personal finances.
  • You get free quotes via the internet in almost real time.
    • Quotes from many countries, including US, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand - and many more...
    • Updates the value of your portfolio
    • Updates the value of all stocks.
  • You can track the value of your investments, also in different currencies.
  • You have more graph's, charts, reports, alarms and analysis' at your disposal.
  • You get a better foundation for making your investments.
  • You can also track your bank accounts, and do budgeting.
  • The program is easy to use.

Amateur Invest includes the following main areas:

1. The bank section
In the bank section you can have all your own accounts, and it can hold all the deposits and withdrawals made on those accounts. This makes it possible for you to keep track of your cash flow, and it makes it possible for you to keep track of the interest rates that you receive from or pay to your bank.

 2. The stock & portfolio section
In the stock section you register a lot of companies. For each of these companies you can then enter the stock prices for each day/week or update them for FREE via internet, and keep track of the company performance. At the same time you can enter your own stock portfolio, and keep track of your gains or losses. Other features includes information that relate to stock prices, and general hints & ideas about investing.

 3. Reports & Graphics
With the reports & graphics part, you can then see all the above information in ways that make your investment easier, and more profitable.

 4. Alarms & watches
In the alarms & watches part, you can compare stock prices and portfolio performance. You can also set up various point, that should be triggered if certain prices are reached.

The feature set include:

  • Make technical analysis'.
  • Play what-if scenarios.
  • See stock price hi's and lo's.
  • Check the limits you set up for companies.
  • Compare your portfolio performance to an index.
  • Have your interest rates calculated.
  • See the cash flow of your bank accounts in graphs.

These are just examples of the different alarms & watches you can set up.

 5. Why use Amateur Invest?
You do not have to be a professional dealer to use this program - it is made to be easy, yet powerful to use and understand!

You could ask yourself if you need this program at all. Since there are so many brokers / banks on the internet, that offer similar services online. There you can also see the value of your portfolio, and the trends of companies. So why use Amateur Invest?

Well, wouldn't you like to keep your investments private? - What information does internet sites have about you and your private economy? - and what if you do your trading through several different brokers / banks - because that is cheaper, and more secure? What are the limitations and cost of these "services"? Can you get all the information that you get with Amateur Invest?

The answer is straightforward: use Amateur Invest!

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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