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Setting up your Page to Vary Print Requirements

Excel Printing Page Setup...... Excel Printing Page 1

Basic printing in Excel requires no setup, printing is performed using the default settings within Excel.  If you want more than a basic print , the Page Setup dialog box is the area used to set up printing to your requirements if you wish to vary them from the default settings.  There are two areas that you can access the dialog from, these are from the toolbar available within Print Preview mode, (note that some options are greyed out) or by going to File>Page Setup.  If you use this option, all areas will be available to you,

Options you can change via the Page Setup dialog are:



Orientation is the way in which your paper prints from the printer. Portrait means with the shorter edge at the top of your page and the longer edges at the sides, and Landscape is the reverse.


There are two options under this heading. The first option Adjust to __% of normal size will allow you to reduce or enlarge the print range you have selected. The range varies from shrinking your selection to 10% of normal size, to expanding your selection to 400% of normal size.

The second option under this heading is Fit to __ page(s) high by __ page(s) tall. This will make your selection fit on however many pages you specify.

Paper Size

You can change your paper size here, as well as in your Print dialog box by selecting one of the paper sizes available through your printer.

Print Quality

You can change your print quality here, as well as in your Print dialog box.

First Page Number

The default is Auto which means your printing will Start at page 1. If you wish to print Starting at another page number, you can type any number other than 1 in this box.


You can change your margins by typing new ones if you wish, but it is far easier to change your margins by clicking the Margins button in Print Preview mode and dragging to the required place.

Centre on Page

This option is not available in Print Preview mode, only by going to the Page Setup dialog via the File menu. By selecting either horizontally or vertically you will center your selection on your page either horizontally or vertically.


The definition of a Header or Footer is something that is required to appear on every page of your document. As the names suggest, a Header is something that will appear at the top of every page, and a Footer is something that will appear at the bottom of the page. In Excel, you can have only one Header and one Footer in each Worksheet. The Header/Footer Dialog box can be accessed through the Page Setup dialog box, or via the View menu on your Standard Worksheet menu bar.


The top area of this box is greyed out. If something is greyed out within Excel, this is because the options are not available in the area in which you are in. The options at the top of this box are only available if you access the Page Setup dialog box via the File menu.

The only options we need to look at here are the ones under Print.


  1. If you select Gridlines the gridlines of your Excel Worksheet will print.
  2. If you select Black and White, your data will be printed in Black and white only (if you have colour in it, it will appear as grey shading).
  3. If you select Draft Quality your data will be printed in draft quality.
  4. If you select Row and Column Headings then the row and column headings (A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 etc) will be printed.

Page Order

You have two options here; Down then Over and Over then Down. Selecting one of these options will control the way data is numbered and printed when it does not fit on one page.

Remember, if you want more than just a basic print , that there are many features of your page-set up that you can manipulate to your own ends.  However, you must also be aware of the people who want to read your printing. There are some tricks to fitting all your printing on one page but sometimes it may be better to spread information over two pages, rather than squash it all on to one page so that it is very small and hard to read.

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